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Russian SMDM group, Russian IN FLAMES is on our pages. But don't think it's pure 100% IN FLAMES clone! Guys have their own, playing in vein of famous Sweden. After reviewing their debut album "Evidence", Kashey decided to do an interview. Band's guitarist Sergey answered the question.

Kashey: Hi! This is Kashey from Chernivtsy. Let's begin...

Sergey: Hi...

Kashey: What are the latest news from Inexist you can tell us?

Sergey:In the last weekends we celebrated at once two birthdays :guitarist Jackson's and drummer Tepesh's. That was nice party.We try to end some new songs for our second album now and parallel began recording of asingle "Tapiola", on which we assign the big hopes.

Kashey: Who is responsible for promotion, and who is main in group, if it is possible so to say?

Sergey:I am main guy in group. I'm responsible for management, promotion, group's concerts and solve organizational questions. Promotion of the first album was weak: I have dispatched50 tapes and 30 cd's across Russia, Ukraine and Byelorussia.

Kashey: What role does Internet play in group's development?

Sergey:Almost the basic because all communication goes through the Internet.

Kashey: Why does your group play melodic (sweden) death metal?

Sergey:When we were a little younger, we liked power, especially Helloween. But we have heared In flames "jester race" and thought : whis is what same! I think, it is not necessary to explain, that has happend later.This style one of young and perspective styles, as it seems to us, besides here is present a most harmonious combination of death's power, power's metal melodics and thrash's power.More shortly, an ideal.

Kashey: What groups have influence on a band's music and tell more detailed about of musiciansmusical predilections?

Sergey:Besides that all of us like Soilwork, In flames, Arch Enemy, elements of last Amorphis worksstart to be shown, and nu-metal also.I love all metal, it is a little alternative, instrumental guitar and electronic music.My favorites: Helloween, Stratovarius, Edguy, Gamma Ray, Savatage, Iron Maiden,Skid Row, Blind Guardian, Labyrinth, Darkseed, Amathema, Amorphis, MDB, Death,Dimmu Borgir, Gardenian, Dark Tranquillity, Kalmah, Throne of Chaos and much all other.Tepesh, basically, that same plus Ta-Too, Gosti iz Budushego, Via Gra, Christina Aguilera, Aguilera, Milene Farmer and so on. Osminog all metal too, but it is more on Slipknot, Korn, etc.Pepper is the fan of guitar's instrumental such as Satriani, Steve Vai, Steve Morse,John Petrucci and progressive like Dream Theater. Jackson more likes System of a Down , Linkin Park and Nightwish.

Kashey: Do you try to resemble to someone from great musicians on a stage?

Sergey:I imitate to Anders Friden, Pepper - to Satriani. The rest - I don't know.

Kashey: With what known bands you have already played on one stage, and with what would you want to play?

Sergey:We played with Catharsis, Merlin, Rossomahaar, Kuvalda, Rogatie Trupoedi.Basically we play with local unknown bands.Would like with IN FLAMES, SOILWORK, HELLOWEEN, and with everybody .

Kashey: Does the group is the basic way of earning money, or you prefer to earn money in other way?

Sergey:It seems to me, what not everyone guy from the western band can brag of that, that he earns by the music. Where here to us, fu... It is natural, that everyone, who can, work on usual works.

Kashey: Do participants of group study still, and whether someone can brag bymusic education?

Sergey:I am study on the fifth rate of commercial high school at faculty of management.Jackson on the second rate of academy. Pepper second time tries to study at musical school. Osminog and Tepesh tried to study, but it not for them and they work now. If Pepper wouldn't not be expeled, we will have one music education.

Kashey: Don't you want to change you music style in future, maybe to earn money, or you will staytrue to traditions. And what do you think about such changes?

Sergey:And it is varies now(and it exact not with a view of to earn additionally). we start to form our own style. There are new elements, such as electronics, samples, experiments with a vocal. But all this in moderate proportions.Is irrelevant to replay classics of style now. It's just a simply waste of time,the classics is played and nobody will not play it better, than the fathers founders, but go in a new direction, to search for something another, - this much more abruptly and more interestingly, there is no any frameworks, any restrictions, it's freedom!Such changes is good almost always. Especially, for musicians, I think. Fans always perceive such in bayonets, it is pleasant to someone, and someone will tell that this is a full shit. But we play for ourselves first of all, and then for others..


Kashey: How you concern to that, that some musicians cuthair. And does the factor of long hair is obligatory attribute of everyone metal guy for you?

Sergey:It's a personal thing of everyone. If the person does not vary with change of a hairstyle it isn't bad. But everything, hairy is looked more abruptly on a stage.

Kashey: Tell us pls when did an idea of group's creating appear and would you want to submit topsof world metal music?

Sergey:In the autumn, 2000 I have hung up the announcement on a theme of creation of group in style melodic death in musical shop, and soon forgot about it, and in eight months called someguy(that was Pepper) on a group's theme. I could not recollect about this announcement for a long time... We have met soon, he started to play and I am simple fuc.ed up from his technics of playing on guitar. At that time he was only 15. So in the summer, 2001 we have created group INEXIST (we and also my cousin Tepesh) .We shall try to apply a maximum efforts, for achievement of our purpose.

Kashey: Why Inexist and what does it mean?

Sergey:INEXIST, this word consisting of two words inner and existence. And I don't want to tellnow what does it mean for me. This is very personal...

Kashey: You band play music wich seems on In Flame's music, isn't it?

Sergey:It was so on the first album. We have taken a lot from them at that time, added our ideas (listen to track EXIT). Any group is created under the impression, reaching up to full fanaticism, from listening the certain music. All musicians in the beginning of the creativity have certain idols on whom they want to be similar, but after some time it disappears or not disappears. All depends on creative potential of participants of group.Now we grow as musicians and gradually we start to depart from IN FLAMES.By the way,a lot of people don't like this.

Kashey: Are you pleased with a sound on your last album "Evidence" and are you cooperate with any label?

Sergey:We were not so pleased with a sound on "evidence". But it was our first experience of studio work in fact, we knew nothing and did not understand, we studied all by ourselves,but the sound producer Roma (very good person) has helped us much, for what a big recpectto him. And I am confident, what not each group can brag by best sound of their first work.But unfortunately, we do not cooperate with any label now. There were offers to release an album on CD, but quality of sounding for cd release and sounding of album didn't arrange them.So we are free now.

Kashey: When can you please your fans with new works?

Sergey:As I already spoke, now we write a single and we shall print it to the end of autumn and we shall put it out in mp3 on our site. The album will be ready in spring probably.

Kashey: How do duties are divided between participants of group: who writes music, who composes lyrics, etc?

Sergey:The unique duty lays on me in this plan: I answer for lyrics completely, but I'm helped by my friend and in combination, the designer of a site, Igor "Miv" Miachin. Pepper writes music basically. However, if someone has ideas, melodies or riffs, it's welcomed only, but a final variant appears on rehearsal. By the way, our drummer Tepesh composed full song for the fist and for the second album.

Kashey: You know for certain Mind Eclipse, one more group from your city. Who is considered more abruptly in the city, you or them, or probably Tumulus?

Sergey:We do not count ourselves abrupt, but we grow. Mind Eclipse is the person of metal stages for Russia and the nearby countries. They are workaholics, all groups must take the example from them, then the stage will rise much above..

Kashey: Could you give you point of russian metal development. And can you tell something about it in Ukraine?

Sergey:There is a development by the big steps in way of the metal industry and business. The affairs are much worse in way of originality and quality of groups and also concertactivity, we lag behind the western groups by 5 years, or even more, continuing to play the music played about 10 years ago. As for me that same in Ukraine. I think that Byelorussia is the most advanced in this plan. There is a movement there.

Kashey: At what popular festival would you want to play?

Sergey:DYNAMO and WACKEN it's limit of our dreams. But we are ready to play on any metal festival basically.

Kashey: And at the end a few words for fans and readers...

Sergey:I want to advise people, not to cycle only on one metal, because there is a lot of good and interesting music around. Be Open-mind people. By the way, visit our website www.theinexist.narod.ru' , there is a lot of interesting there.Thanks you for the interview.Stay metal.............................................................


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