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Legendary German thrashers DESTRUCTION kicked your asses with their new album "Metal Discharge". As usual it the coolest stuff! This time we were talking to the one of the band's founders - Mike. Though Mike is 36, his soul is forever young. So, read...

Scorpio: What are the last DESTRUCTION news?

Mike: No specially news at the moment. We just doing promotion work for new album. We just here in Donzdorf are at the record company office. Give about 20 interviews each day. We have to talk, talk, talk… Soon also our tour will start.

Scorpio: Will you make a release party with free beer and DESTRUCTION on stage?

Mike: We want to make release party, but without live show, it will be just big listening session. It will be at Rock Fabric. It's is South Germany.

Scorpio: Where have you recorded your new "Metal Discharge" album? Again in Abyss?

Mike: No, no! This time we went to Switzerland. To Little Creek Studio. It's owned by GURD guitar player. Maybe you know this Swiss band, GURD.

Scorpio: Actually, no. I've heard the cuts of your new song, taken from your official website. Cool thrash metal, I have to say! But, what about drum section: hats are sounding non stop. Don't you think it sounds like bells on Santa Claus sledge?

Mike: I don't think so. You think so?

'Metal Discharge'Scorpio: Well, yeah.

Mike: Ha-ha! Personally I think it hasn't something like Santa Claus.

Scorpio: And what do you think about drums on last METALLICA album "St. Anger"? It seems like Lars Ulrich sold his drum kit to buy more beer.

Mike: Heh, I don't like drums on new METALLICA. It's too loud. I'm really not into new METALLICA.

Scorpio: It seems like saucepans, not drums, yeah?

Mike: Uhu.

Scorpio: Where did you find your new drummer Marc?

Mike: You know, one our friend lived in Southern part in Germany, and them moved to Berlin to study. He got to know Marc there and he called us one time and said "If you need a good drummer, check this guy out." So yes, it was like this. We called him. He was really good, so joined DESTRUCTION.

Kashey: And what happened to Sven? Have you changed him for thousand bottles of beer?

Mike: Thousand bottles of beer? No, no, no, no, no! He wasn't a guy, who enjoyed touring, you know. He decided to stop, because such band as DESTRUCTION can't only play rock music without touring. And sometimes we're on road for a very long time, have to drink a lot. Hard job, yeah, and he didn't like to tour, so he didn't see a sense in playing with DESTRUCTION.

Scorpio: Is Sven a boss of famous company SVEN, which produce multimedia equipment for PCs?

Mike: Sorry, once again please.

Scorpio: You know, there is a company SVEN.

Mike: Company?

Scorpio: Yeah, it produce multimedia equipment for personal computers.

Mike: Oh, I'm not into computers, so never heard it before.

Scorpio: Because there is such company SVEN, and maybe Sven is boss of this company.

Mike: No, he's not, exactly, heh.

Scorpio: In his profile Marc wrote, that he's unbeatable in masturbating. Has he already shown his skill?

Mike: Never. He never showed me his dick. I don't like dicks, you know. Ha-ha!

Scorpio: Is cover picture of Metal Discharge just metalized copy of Antichrist's cover?

MikeMike: Uhu.

Scorpio: And where is Mad Butcher? I think some fans miss him!

Mike: You think so, yeah? In my opinion the skull is better. On light shows we always use this skull for background. And it looks great. If we had Mad Butcher on background, you know… It's red and… yellow, I think it's too colourful, that's why we use this skull.

Scorpio: Maybe next cover will be - Mad Butcher a robot?

Mike: Maybe yeah, we'll think about that.

Scorpio: And maybe stone Destruction Skull?

Mike: I don't think so. But, you know, we have a lot of time till the next cover, so we didn't think about this now, we will think about this, when it's time.

Scorpio: Tell us something about the new video, please.

Mike: What about our new video, you should watch it. Yeah, it's cool, I won't describe it. Should watch it.

Scorpio: And is it already on your website for downloading?

Mike: Yeah, it is.

Scorpio: OK, will see.

Mike: Cool!

Scorpio: I've heard you have recently made a speech, that you are against USA military politics. You have maid available for downloading THE EXPLOITED cover song "Fuck The USA". Part of your fans especially from USA disliked it. And Billy Milano said, that he will kill you, if you come to USA.

Mike: We have already been to USA after recording that song, and nobody did complain. Many complains can find in Internet. Don't think we gonna have problems, when we'll play in States. Not, really. You know, last time we played in the States, we talked to many-many people. And most of the people, who visited our concert, are against the government too. They say "I gonna move to Europe, I can take this brainwash anymore."

Scorpio: 2 years ago World Trade Center in NY was destroyed. So, what do you think about Bush, Ben Laden and Saddam Hussein?

Mike: Should put them into same tank and hit it. Ha-ha! The States took pressure on every state and try to tell every single nation, how to live, how to behave. Ben Laden don't like that, so he fight. I can understand him in one way, but I think it's wrong too, because his activity has religion as ground.

Kashey: Maybe sometimes you will make a cover picture with the ruins of World Trade Center on it?

Mike: Ha-ha-ha. No, that would be a little bit tasteless. You know, that was really shit, really sad. I saw that live on TV, first time I thought "Oh, it's a new movie". And then when understood, it is real, was shocked. It makes no sense for the States to answer it like this, coz they gonna get war problems.

Scorpio: Yeah, the whole world was shocked.

Mike: Yeah.

Kashey: Your songs lyrics are sometimes quite grim, maybe you will release sometimes death metal album?

Mike: No, I don't think so.

Kashey: And do you like death metal?

Mike: Oh yeah, once in a while. I listen it often to make me nerving. :) But once in a while I like it.

Kashey: And what is your favourite death metal band?

Mike: I don't have favourite death metal band.

SchmierKashey: Do you drink alcohol during record session, or music is very important for you, and you are so seriously?

Mike: Heh, of course, music is really important for me. But it has nothing to do with alcohol. If you don't drink too much, you can even play better. I can play better, when I drink a bit wine for example to get warm fingers. You know, I never record, when I'm drunk, for sure. Yeah, we drink in the studio, why not. And smoke, of course. If you know what I mean… Marihuana! :)

Scorpio: Yeah, I've read on your website, that you like to smoke dope.

Mike: Exactly!

Scorpio: Why is the name of your band is DESTRUCTION. ZERSTORUNG sounds cool too.

Mike: Our lyrics are in English, so it really hasn't the sense to choose the German name. I'm glad, that we have such name.

Scorpio: Mike, why did you send Schmier off in the beginning of 90s?

Mike: You know we have different views of how need it go no. I wanted to get more technique in music, he thought others. It was no fun, while we were practicing, we always talk, makes no sense, you know, if you're practicing you should doing some music, should not talk at all. But now it's OK again.

Scorpio: Do you like the stuff, you did with so called NEO-DESTRUCTION, DESTRUCTION without Schmier?

Mike: Oh yeah. It was a good experience for me.

Scorpio: So now you are together again and do you think will never part ways with Schmier?

Mike: Uh, never say never. I don't think I go on stage till 80 years. When we gonna get old, maybe we'll drift apart.

Scorpio: Or will quarrel and we will see oldman Schmier in battle against oldman Mike. :)

Mike: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!

Scorpio: You're not very tall, did you was ashamed of your small height at school?

Mike: I don't care. In some times it is even better, when you're not very tall. Imagine if we had really-really tiny tour bus, then we should to bend. I never had the problems with that.

Scorpio: Mike, and when did you begin to listen to metal music?

Mike: Oh, when I was 12 or 13, something like this. It wasn't really metal, I started with STATUS QUO, DEEP PURPLE, RAINBOW.

Kashey: You decided to become a musician before you learned to play the guitar, or during you has been learning?

Mike: Heh, "decided" is maybe the wrong word, you know. I wanted to become a musician and I worked hard for it. But I didn't decide. You never know before, if you gonna do it. So, I did try my best all the time to become a rockstar! :)

Kashey: Your posters in every magazine, heh!

Mike: Not in every magazine. Not in a commercial ones as Daily News or something like that.

Kashey: But do you want some time to get in Daily News?

MarcMike: Hmm, Not really, you can get there, if you do a pop music, but it's not my style.

Scorpio: Yeah! What was your first guitar?

Mike: Oh, it was fucked up acoustic guitar. My grandma gave it me for present, you know. It was really cheap bullshit guitar. She was cool, she gave me that guitar and maybe this forced me to become a musician. And my first electric guitar was shit too, it was like a guitar, you can buy in a supermarket. Really cheap bullshit guitar. And my first real guitar was a guitar I play still - Gibson Flying V.

Scorpio: Have you saved your first acoustic guitar or sold?

Mike: If I still have it?

Scorpio: Yeah!

Mike: No, no. I gave it away to my cousin. He should still have it.

Scorpio: Does he learn to play guitar?

Mike: Oh no, he just tried. You know, I gave it to him about 15 years ago. He tried but he never made it.

Scorpio: So, you won't have a cousin - metal musician.

Mike: No, I don't think so. He's heavy smoker! He's a good cousin.

Scorpio: What do you think about musicians, who crash their guitars on stage?

Mike: OK, if they have enough money and like to do that. Yeah, why not. You know, that's always cheap guitars they smash. Sometimes it's cool. I hate it when they smash a really nice guitar, Fender guitar. It's hurting, you know, when you see as it is smashed like cheap guitar. If they get fun, let they do that.

Scorpio: And have you ever damaged your guitar on stage?

Mike: No, never. You know, I'm not rich. I don't have much money to destroy guitars, I like to play them.

Scorpio: Maybe you will try one day?

Mike: I don't think so. There are many guys, who do this on stage, it's just an element of their shows. I think music is more necessary, and you don't have to destroy a guitar to do the good show.

Kashey: What do you think about musicians, who mix metal music and rap?

Mike: Oh, it's not really my cup of tea. OK, once in a while it's a good song in between. But it's not really for me, not my cup of tea.

Kashey: Maybe it's like cup of tea with salt instead of sugar?

Mike: Yes. Exactly! Salt and pepper.

Mad ButcherKashey: Sometimes it happens when band cardinally changes its style, mostly because they want to earn more money with their music. Will it ever happen to DESTRUCTION?

Mike: No, never.

Scorpio: We hope so!

Mike: Yeah, I'm not a bitch, I'm not selling myself for the money, so it will never happen.

Scorpio: And how do you like coworking with Nuclear Blast?

Mike: It's really good cowork with them, because all the people, working here, are real metalheads, are really into the music and that's necessary. They do it with their hearts and not just to earn money and it's very necessary.

Scorpio: I've seen a photo, where Jaap, the worker of Nuclear Blast promo department, feed Schmier with a sandwich.

Mike: I never saw that photo. :)

Scorpio: And have Schmier ever fed you with sandwich?

Mike: No, no. I eat myself. I feed Schmier sometimes with join! :)

Scorpio: Schmier has a restaurant. Have you ever been there?

Mike: Yes, lot of times. They have a good cook, and I like it!

Scorpio: So, drinks and food are good there. No bullshit!

Mike: No bullshit. It's quite good.

Scorpio: And what music sounds there?

Mike: You know, it's like a normal restaurant. There sounds normal rock music, sometimes a radio program. But there is an extra room, barroom, and there tunes rock and metal music. So you can choose, if you want to drink and have a metal party, you should go to the barroom, and if you want to listen to quite music, choose another room.

Scorpio: Are there photos of DESTRUCTION on the walls?

Mike: No.

Scorpio: I've heard you like Russian writers. Is it really so?

Mike: Yeah. My favourite is Dostoyevsky. And I like Goncharov, Gogol, Chehov, Tolstoy.

Scorpio: And have you read "Master and Margarita" by Bulgakov?

Mike: Yes, I have. It's a great one too, yeah! It is strange and I like it!

Scorpio: Do you know, we read this book in school.

Mike: In school, yeah?

Scorpio: Aha. And it was necessary, by the program.

Mike: That's cool! And here, in Germany we read mostly German writers.

Kashey: What is your point of view about religion?

Mike: I think everybody can believe in something one. I have nothing against people, who go to church. They can do what they want and believe what they want, but sometimes somebody tell me what I have to think and believe, I'm getting angry. Some really religious people say "I believe in God, because I know him", and it's bullshit. How can, he knows God and I don't him less? So, he lies. Fuck off!

Kashey: And Satanism?

Mike: It's the same, same thing. You don't know God and nobody knows and nobody have seen Satan. So, exactly the same thing. If you don't know something, you shouldn't talk about this, coz it makes no sense.


Scorpio: You smokes dope. Are really in "Sex, drugs, rock'n'roll" principle?

Mike: Ha-ha-ha. It's kind of romantic, you know. Yeah, I like sex, of course. I like drugs, especially something to smoke, and of course I like fuck in the rock'n'roll. I don't try to fuck a girl every night, it could take you the problems. :)

Scorpio: Have you ever had sex under DESTRUCTION songs?

Mike: No, no. It turned me off. Schmier's voice while I'm fucking. No, it's not erotic. But many-many people told me "Oh, I always fuck under DESTRUCTION music. It's really good for me!"

Scorpio: Maybe you didn't that, because it seems like Schmier in the room?

Mike: Yeah, kind of. Ha-ha-ha!

Scorpio: Schmier is eternal bachelor. And what about you?

Mike: I don't have children. You know, you always will get problems, when you have children. And you're not at home. If you have children you should take care about them and dedicate them, try to be a nice father. And when you're on road the most of time, you don't see your children. That's not good for home.

Scorpio: Describe the perfect wife for you.

Mike: I guess I have she already. She has to be nice, pretty, intelligent and good person. I have a girl at the moment.

Scorpio: Now I'll name drinks and you will say some words, do you like them or has you ever tried it? OK?

Mike: OK

Scorpio: Water.

Mike: Yeah, you need it. I drink it once in a while, yeah.

Scorpio: Milk.

Mike: Milk. Milk is nice with a chocolate, I put it in the coffee. I drink it sometimes to get away my hang over. I like milk.

Scorpio: Tea.

Mike: I'm a big tea drinker. I drink about two liters of tea each day.

Scorpio: Coffee.

Mike: When I was younger, I didn't drink tea, I just drank coffee the whole day, and I fucked up my stomach with that. So, with coffee I have to take care, but I still like it. I like the strong Turkish one, and the Italian - Espresso, you know.

SchmierScorpio: And it's band for stomach.

Mike: It's bad for the stomach, but I just drink it after the meal.

Scorpio: Coca-Cola.

Mike: I don't really like Coca-Cola, coz it's too sweet for me. And you always have to "Burgh!" after you drank it. Sometimes you need it for mix an long drink. Once in a while I like to drink Whisky-Cola or something like that. But much Coke fucks up your stomach too. Really badly.

Scorpio: Bear.

Mike: You know, here in German drinking beer is almost like eating bread. I really like to drink beer, but now not so much as in former times. When I was younger I drank ten liters each day. Today I change beer to more wine. We have a really good beer in Germany, you should know.

Scorpio: Wine.

Mike: I'm really big wine drinker. Where I live, in South Germany, we have a good wine. Whine is as artwork for me, I really like it, yeah.

Scorpio: And what wine more: red or white?

Mike: I love both. You know, in some moments I prefer white wine, and in winter it's more red one. I really like both, you know, but when it's good wine, of course. I don't like sweet bullshit. From sweet wine I get big headache. So, I drink dry wine.

Scorpio: And red wine is good with meat.

Mike: It's good with meat, yeah. And if you eat chicken or something like that, white wine is better. Or with fish, always white wine.

Scorpio: Whisky.

Mike: Oh yeah, whisky. It's a good friend of mine. Ha-ha. I like whisky, especially Scotch. I like Scotch whisky and little bit of ice, also mix it with Coke. Also good is Canadian one, even Japanese whisky is good, heh.

Scorpio: I've never seen the bottles of Japanese whisky.

Mike: They have a really-really good stuff. Last times it won few awards, got first places before the Scottish one.

Scorpio: Champagne.

Mike: I like it too. But you know, champagne is really fucking expensive. And when I drink it, I drink German champagne. We have a good stuff, a really good stuff. Also good is French champagne.

Scorpio: Champagne is traditional drink to New Year.

Mike: Oh yeah, it's traditional New Year's drink. You know, I always drink two or three glasses and that's enough for me, that I change to red wine. To get drunk, I think red wine is better.

Scorpio: Liquor.

Mike: I'm not really so much into liquor, coz it's kind of too sweet for me and I have a bad headache.

DESTRUCTIONScorpio: Vodka.

Mike: Vooodka! Ha-ha! Nice drink, of course. I like vodka with orange juice or vodka pure. I prefer the Russian vodka (of course! It can't be other! - auth.) - "Stolichnaya", I like it most. And maybe sometimes the Polish one.

Scorpio: Is it possible to buy Russian vodka in Germany?

Mike: Of course! We have it all. I prefer "Stolichnaya" before "Moskovskaya".

Scorpio: Samogon

Mike: What?

Scorpio: That's traditional alcohol drink of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. People in villages make it, it's about 60 degrees.

Mike: Oh yeah? Cool! And what is it of? Grapes? Or what kind of fruit?

Scorpio: In Ukraine it's mostly of sugar-beet.

Mike: Sweet-beet? OK, interesting. Never heard about it, but if I come to your country, I'll try it, sure.

Scorpio: OK. You have to try it!

Mike: I will!

Scorpio: Spiritus

Mike: Spiritus is not really drink, heh.

Scorpio: Some people here, I've heard doctors, mix it with water and drink.

Mike: You know, people in Germany did it like that about fifteen years ago or something. But now they mix it with oil, you know, like disel.

Scorpio: And have you ever tried it?

Mike: Never tried it, coz you can't mix German spiritus with water, it's really like the petrol. You won't take petrol, it makes you blind.

Scorpio: Do you know some Russian words?

Mike: Davay, davay! Er… Spasibo! That's all I get! Ha-ha!

Scorpio: Do you know how is DESTRUCTION in Ukraine?

Mike: I met one guy from Ukraine. It was in Hungary, when we play there. He told me there are a lot of people, who like DESTRUCTION in Ukraine.

Kashey: When will you come to play in Ukraine or Russia?

Mike: You know, it depends on Russian and Ukrainian promoters. We always want to play in every country. And we planned to play in Russia. This march we would play in Moscow, but The Moscow show was canceled by the russian promoter. But we still try, and I guess will play there next year.

SchmierScorpio: Tell please a tour story.

Mike: You know, we don't have time for that anymore, because I have to call to Finland now. Sorry for that, I have so many interviews to do.

Scorpio: Oh, I understand. So, last two questions. What are your plans for future?

Mike: Oh, doing a music and play good shows.

Scorpio: And at the end your final words!

Mike: Thanks for waiting so long time for DESTRUCTION. I really hope to come to Russia and Ukraine next year (We are waiting for you! - auth.). I wish full up everybody. Thank you, bye-bye!

Scorpio: Thanks for answers and good luck!

Mike: Thanks and have a nice time. See you then. Hopefully next year, OK?

Scorpio: OK, I think so.

Mike: Cool! Take care! Bye-bye!

Scorpio, Kashey: Bye!


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