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Scrongrain was born in spring 2001 when Eniac (drums, bass & programming) and Dr. Mike (guitar & programming) got together in order to explore their boundaries in metal music. Right from the beginning they knew what Scorngrain should sound like: hard metal combined with heavy industrial influences. Scorngrain "Demo 2002" was released towards the end of the summer 2002 with great response. The demo songs were put on the internet as well, where they caught the attention of Dynamic Arts Records. Soon Scorngrain was signed by Dynamic Arts.

Scorpio: Tell please a history of SCORNGRAIN.

Eniac: At first we use minidisc.About 2 years ago me (Eniac) and Dr.Mike were at the same school in Joensuu and we both were interested in playing metal music. I did have this idea before but no-one who took it as seriously as Dr.Mike. So we put our 2 heads together and started making ideas and riffs.

Scorpio: How did the idea to mix computer samples with thrash metal with growl-vocals come?

Eniac: At first we use minidisc.The idea evolved in the way. The first idea was to mix techno music and thrash but it came out too clean and didn't sound as good as we wanted. So we started to mix more just samples not actual beats. The vocals came involved just before we recorded our demo. Dr.Mike said to me that he has a friend who is just right for this kind of music. When I first heard our vocalist twentynineA was in the studio. He made an excellent work and after that we all were convinced that this is the future line-up for ScornGrain.

Scorpio: What bands does influence on your music?

Eniac: At first we use minidisc.I can only tell my influeces because I don't actually know or care what my other band members listen for influences. That is not important. My musical influences are Entombed (they are so honest, humble and true to their music), Faith no more (It's just so good),Primus (weird and well played), then there is Slayer, Sodom and from newer bands The Haunted. The other guys may disagree with me.

Scorpio: Your Demo 2002 you recorded in studio and it's of the good quality. Many young bands make it at home.

Eniac: At first we use minidisc.They think, we will send it to record labels, and then, after signing a deal, we will go to the studio to record a good quality album.How do you think, is it necessary for young band to record a demo in the studio?I think that is not necessary because nowadays the home equipment is so good quality and easy to use that anyone can make a demo at home, and that is why so many manufacturer has made a home- or portastudio. We went to studio because our friend was studying to become studio engineer and wanted us to come for his rehearsal band. And it came out pretty good.

Scorpio: How did Dynamic Arts Records find you?

Eniac: At first we use minidisc.I don't actually know how the story goes word by word. But Dr.Mike called me last spring and told that Dynamic Arts Records was interested. Mike told me that They(DAR) were exploring in the internet and they found our info-site and were sold to our music. They didn't send us e-mail or anything like that. Instead they called straight to Dr.Mike and said "we want to sign you to our label".

Scorpio: What does label do for you except releasing the albums?

Eniac: At first we use minidisc.All things involving album release.

Scorpio: What are the last your news?

Eniac: At first we use minidisc.We enter into MediaWorks studios 21.11 to mix our debut album "cyberwarmachine". We'll be spending 10 days underground listening our songs over and over again until we are ready to kill each other. We recorded the album last month so there is nearly 4 weeks between recording and mixing, which is is good because you can think all the details.

Scorpio: What software do you use?

Eniac: At first we use minidisc.We use Reason. Easy to use and it works.

Scorpio: And what instruments and equipment?

Eniac: At first we use minidisc.I use in my drumset 20"kick, 14"snare 12"rack-tom and 16"floor-tom.Cymbals are 15" and 16" crash 20" ride and 14" hi-hat. Dr.Mike use 6 string guitar, amplifier and effect board. TwentynineA use voice and michrophone. I don't go to labels because we are not sponsored and our equipment is changing soon.

Scorpio: Can we call Scorngrain only studio group, or you also perform on the scene?

Eniac: At first we use minidisc.We are not a studio group. As time comes we will perform live. We have session musicians for live situations.

Scorpio: Do you use a mini-CD with all these samples for performing or you use a real PC?

Eniac: At first we use minidisc.

Scorpio: Does anybody of you have musical education?

Eniac: I took a few lessons about drumming. I learned basic drum notes and technique, but that is all in the past because when I moved to Joensuu I didn't have rehearsal place. It took nearly two years without training. Dr.Mike is I think self learned and twentynineA is too.


.Scorpio: Now black metal is popular, and what style of metal will be popular in 10-20s years of XXI century?

Eniac: I think metal music is nowadays like rock'n'roll. It refuses to DIE. But in the other hand I'm afraid that the metal music becomes more disposable like other music styles.I wonder when comes the first metal-boy-band? The record label show the boys how to mosh, spit blood, speak correctly about darkness and evil things and dress them to leather and chains.

Scorpio: I think you are "computer friends", am I right?

Eniac: I'm not a "computer friend" as you put it. I read my e-mails, explore the internet but that is really it, oh and do some music of course. If something happens to my computer I don't have a clue how to fix it. Mike knows more about PC's and twentynineA is in the same line as I am, I think.

Scorpio: And do you often browse in Internet?

Eniac: I browse daily, and so the other boys too, I think.

Scorpio: What sites do you visit?

Eniac: I read daily magazines. Then I visit some band sites. Then I like browse sites related to my occupation. I'm a live-sound engineer or a "roadie" and like to update the latest news in the industry. Dr. Mike visits all anal related sites.

Scorpio: How do you think, can your sings be used as soundtracks for movie?

Eniac: I don't see why not.

Scorpio: What movie should it be?

Eniac: Rocky 12:Fist is stiff and so is Rocky, not. Somekind of futuristic movie where machines win and humankind extincts.

Scorpio: Do you have problems with your neighbours because of metal music? Or you use headphones while listening to the music?

Eniac: I don't use headphones when I listen to music. The only problem with my neighbours is that they are fighting almost every night. Young couple, go figure. I always thought that only old couples that have been together for 60 years are fighting but no, couple about age of early 20's fighting.

Scorpio: How do you spend your free time?

Eniac: I like to sleep more now that I've quit smoking so I have to have something to do. When I'm awake I watch TV, Make meals to me and my girlfriend, visit library or practise drumming. Boring isn't it, so I'm boring person. Sometimes I go to work, I consider that more of a hobby than work. I have one permanent band what I'm mixing live. After gig you drink as much alcohol as you can without throwing up. It's a living.

Scorpio: What is your fave beer?

Eniac: Free or cheap.

Scorpio: Tell a joke.

Eniac: I terrible joke teller but visit thie site http://www.rockschool.com' and maybe these jokes make you laugh. I laughed because they were true.

Scorpio: Top 5 of the most beautiful women worldwide.

Eniac: All women are beautiful except the ugly ones.

Scorpio: What do you think will be last words in your life?

Eniac: My brain hurts.

Scorpio: And now last words for your fans and our readers.

Eniac: "One time to Die, Hundred ways to get killed"


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