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I must say that one moment I've been thinking that this interview is never going to happen. Time problems, unfortunately long May holidays and other offensive small things compelled me to waste an idea of making a good phone talk and ask what I wanted via e-mail. It has taken quite a long time for D.Frans, the man on guitar with Moscow HOSTILE BREED, to answer but the result did 100% worth the wait…

Fawkes: The presentation party of "The Second Cut" has taken place on May 1. You maybe have granted something unusual to your fans due to the holiday's starting, haven't you?

D.Frans: Yes, the presentation passed very well. We granted our fans with a SLIPKNOT cover on People=Shit. It's a vogue nowadays to play SLIPKNOT's songs, everybody think they have to play one, but this song's been untouched because of its complexity. So we've shown them a master!..

"The Second Cut"Fawkes: HOSTILE BREED is playing live for 4 years already and proved their live stamina. But remember were you frightened to come up the stage for the first time?

D.Frans: Wow. I've come up the stage for the first time with TRANSYLVANIA in 1995. I've got my pants wet that time (lol!). I must say that I catch a pleasant thrill from coming up the stage even by now.

Fawkes: What public is better: in Moscow or in the country?..

D.Frans: Moscow public is very saturated with numerous gigs, of rural bands and the western monsters as well. You have to axe off really intensively to impress them. We're lucky to have no problems with that. We're very fond of playing for whatever public, you know…

Fawkes: "The Second Cut" is a Molotov cocktail of brutal overtones and hate-steered hardcore thing. I am not in that kind of stuff at all so the only band I could name as comparison to your music is STRAPPING YOUNG LAD. But I think you're being compared to somebody else as well?

D.Frans: Yep. People tried to compare us to anybody all that time we've been playing together. We were known as Russian MACHINE HEAD in the past. Probably, the writers in metal 'zines need to sort music some way so this is why it happens. I don't know what label they will stick to us after the new album's been released.

Fawkes: Your music is very American-esque. Perhaps, you have any troubles with nazi blockheads?..

D.Frans: No at all. There's no problem with such guys. I think if the band sounds as good as the western ones it should, in contrary, arouse the pride for the nativity. Anyway, it is better than to scream about patriotism and in the same time sound as a real crap…

Fawkes: I remember the last GRENOUER issue, there on the front cover was Baphomet in a gas mask and it was called a cumulative personification of the god of war. Is this dreadful something on your cover a cumulative thing also?

D.Frans: The front cover of our album is quite well describing its inner content. This is no compromising brutal loaf of meat in genre's best tradition. The album's title is also resounds in layout through various surgery tools painted there. This is our second album and we recruited Yura "Surgeon" as a producer so it is totally strong concept, you see. Yes, it is a cumulative thing in some way, hehe…

Fawkes: Musicians from INVOCATOR and SKINLAB have participated in the making of "The Second Cut". How have you dealt with such renowned collectives?

D.Frans: That was a long and thorough work using Internet, mail and courier delivery. More detailed description of this process will take too much time. This is true that we have gained a huge experience and satisfaction from dealing with western musicians and producers and we want to give a continuation to this in future. By the way our western colleagues have said that they also have been very inspired of working with us.

Fawkes: Your previous 'cut', "Greenwound", was hardly appreciated by critics. From your today's high, could you objectively say due to what your first album was so unsuccessful?..

D.Frans: We expected that all would turn out that way. We were troubled with sound on our first platter. I must say that the songs on "Greenwound" were rather good, yet their goodness drowned in a bad sound. Despite all that, we got some positive reviews in western magazines. I plan to take the best numbers from "Greenwound", re-record vocal parts and send them far over the border for mixing and mastering. Then you would understand how awesome are this songs really…

HOSTILE BREEDFawkes: It is commonly said about the most of Russian bands today, 'They are worthy to represent our country behind the border'. But what do you think, why there are many so called 'worthy' and there isn't a single that could be called 'the great' and get the great audition and popularity in the West?

D.Frans: The main problem of native bands is second-grade material they produce. Meanwhile, the western scene is overwhelmed with its own bands, so their labels prefer to sign another native collective than to worry about a Russian group. Anyway we have to try to claim some part of their market writing and producing good platters.

Fawkes: An image… Let's suppose you play a gig after any black metal band with its corpsepaint, inverted crosses and stuff like that. What impact from public do you receive when you get on stage?

D.Frans: It depends primarily on a show we're participating in. Most commonly we get a loyal appreciation from whatever public, because people see a really worthy group playing qualified music, not trying to pick them with any ersatz shit…

Fawkes: Could you name your TOP-5? New album of what group are you waiting with impatience?..

D.Frans: My musical interests are really wide, so it seems hard to me to answer these question. I think the platters I have listened to with great pleasure recently are as follows:
1. DEVILDRIVER "Devildriver"
2. KILLSWITCH ENGAGE "The End Of Heartache"
3. UNJUST "Glow"
5. MACHINE HEAD "Through The Ashes Of Empires"
The most awaited is a new album from SLIPKNOT.

Fawkes: Your nickname, D.Frans sounds similar to 'difference'. Does this word carry any special meaning for you?

D.Frans: Wow. It's the first time I hear such transcription. In real, a letter D. is an acronym to my name Dima. And 'Frans' means 'Frenchman'. This nick I got from friends when I was about 12 years old.

Fawkes: I think that politics and social deformities are not so alien for what HOSTILE BREED speak about. Could you call yourself a politically responsible person?..

D.Frans: I could call myself a socially active one. This is what that my own future depends on, how could I ignore this? I cannot understand how people can tolerate this outlaw order in our country. All these blow-ups, bombs, terrorism, other cataclysms… A man thinking cannot stay away from that actually happens! And dictatorship is becoming more evident, I could hardly imagine what will follow then…

Fawkes: Do you use any dopes for further creativity?

D.Frans: Adrenaline springing into blood while you are playing live is the best dope for creativity. All other drugs, artificial and natural, in my view, only harden the creative process. But I'm not taking in account the leisure and the rest-time…;)

D.FransFawkes: What like will be music after 100 years?..

D.Frans: Very similar to our last album, just 30 times faster…

Fawkes: The most unusual work you did in your life…

D.Frans: I've been weeding beds and picking empty bottles in order to buy the IRON MAIDEN t-shirt. I was only 10 that time…

Fawkes: If you were tested with a lie detector, what question would you fear the most?

D.Frans: Any question that could cause inconveniences for me in future. Who knows what this damned toy will tell next second?..

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