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Last year Italian progressivers ARACHNES released their newest opus - "Primary Fear", that's why we decided to do the interview with two brothers Caruzo - vocalist Enzo and guitarist Franco.

Scorpio: Last year your "Primary Fear" album was released. What can you say about it? Compare with previous releases?

Enzo: I think that "Primary Fear" represents the natural consequence of our previous album, in the sense that you can found all the elements that they characterizing ours sound from "Parallel Worlds" to the other CD, the mix of power, prog and epic, that we can now define our style. We continue to work as we have always made, all has turned out natural, without force everything.

Scorpio: Why do almost half of all songs on album are instrumental?

Enzo: But you know, beyond singing I also play key, I am author and composer with Franco. Consequently, for me I try to not only express myself through the voice. And as composer I can say you that exist contest in which music is enough. Of the rest something of similar happens in all those groups where the everything is not reduced to the simple song, like YES, GENESIS and all that progressive bands that they has have given a rock most and classic. And then if you sing with dignity, it's not necessary to break off for all the album. I think voice is like an instrument, and they are cases in which it does not have to make other than play. This would be a good rule for all.

Scorpio: Don't you think it looks like "cuts"?

Frank: No, I don't think, that they are like cuts to the album, they integrate part of it! There are moments that a person can express better that he feels or want to say only by playing, without sing. Often one solo or a piece of keyboard give more emotions than the words... after all the notes are like the words, they have no difference!


Scorpio: You've recorded real organ. Did you have some problems with that? To get permission, for example.

Frank: It was a beautiful experience, to record in one cathedral completely empty! The only problems that we have, they was with the sound: try the adjust the position of the microphones just to make an imposing sound also for the recording, therefore as it arrived to our ears and our heart for...for the rest any problems' I have many enemies, but also many friends.

Scorpio: Don't you think, that organ doesn't sound great in a flat, it needs big space for his sound, like in church?

Enzo: I think that the sound of an organ is better in a church than in a house, in fact you can see that the best organs can be found in the best churches!!! In house it's difficult to have a good organ, for the dimensions, the sound and all above in a flat you can play keyboards with sounds samples, then thinks to the atmosphere to play from alive in the church a piece for a your album... fantastic!!!

Scorpio: So, what's do, you think, human's primary fear?

Enzo: This album is not only the logical musical consequence of the previous ones, but also for the lyrics. We have continued to write about what the men perceive, feel. That happens to us around, I also talk about what unfortunately happened in that sad September 11th in America, has induced us to dealing this topic, the primary fear, like an alarm, like sense of impotence, frustration and pain, that are all the human history. In a certain sense "Primary Fear" is a suspended album, it does not give great answers, all is concentrated on the own feelings. I am sure that the obvious consequence of our next CD, it'll be an answer. I think that our public understand perfectly the actuality of our thematic. For this our fans are not children.

Scorpio: You release one album in a year, so is the new album expected in 2004?

Enzo: Well, a year approximately, we do not exagerate! Probably the next album will be done at the first period of 2005. Of the rest we avoid to rush us, also with the label. We publish the new CD simply when we are convinced of the final result, and enough.

Scorpio: Frank, where did you learn to play guitar so well?!

Frank: Thanks! Well, I begun to play guitar at 11 years but at 8 I start to play the piano. Then I studied classical music, at 11 years the first disc and then I begun to recording. Then I begun to teach guitar...now I read from all the world, that I am appreciated like an Italian guitar player. It is a beautiful satisfaction, but I do not stop to make exercise every day!

Scorpio: On last two albums covers you used naked girl and spider (on "Primary Fear" it's huge! :) ). What do they symbolize?

Enzo: The female figure represents everything tie to the Eros in psychological sense, that is all opposite to the death: therefore it's the vitality, the passion, the transgression and the strength to continue, in spite of the difficulties (the spider), the pains and the defeats. The dimensions are directly proportional to the pathos.

Scorpio: You live in Milan, so you have to know something about Ukraine. For example, there are a lot of people from my country working there. Of course Andriy Shevchenko from AC Milan.

Enzo: For us do not exist nations, only for a pure political point of view. We hope not to disappoint you, but for us the thing is not so important. He is not a soccer player that he's make a big cultural community, but the ideas, and you have a lot to sell. I think that the West will have to make the accounts with own hypocrisy: the world is of all, not only of the West. And I think that the soccer is a puppets of the rich. Make attention, therefore..!

Scorpio: Do you like football? Are you Inter or AC Milan fan?

Frank: EH EH EH!!!! If I am a fan of Inter it would be better to not say. But I can say that Shevchenko is a great player (did you see the goal he done against Deportivo last Tuesday?... fantastic). But you know, the president of AC Milan is our Minister of Government... who makes us pay the taxes... who increases the prices and who lowers the wages... I cannot just be near him... fortunately music is not politic. LONG LIVE ROCK'N'ROLL!!!


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