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An interview with James Fogarty (a.k.a. Mr. Fog) is one I was really about before even "Radio Ixtlan" was released. That time I got no luck, sadly. A year have passed. Nowadays, the British extraordinaire is coming back with his most recent effort, "Conspiritus"...

The Hypothesis: "Let us suppose for a moment that the world is not quite as it seems. Let us suppose that all society is surrepticiously controlled, all modern wars, disease and famines are manufactured to happen and that the true meaning of our life here on earth hidden from us by the "illuminated" elite and their tentacles of media, banking, religion, politics, mis-education and centuries of lies. Let us suppose that there are fundamentalist, paranoid and merciless governments that would willingly attack there own people under the guise of terrorist attacks (employing the "Hegelian Dialectic"; Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis or Problem-Reaction-Solution). Through mass-media manipulation and censorship, these conspirators are then able to convince the rest of the world that we need to follow their utopian vision and establish a "new world order"... Let us then imagine how the realisation of this hypothetical truth would affect us mentally, emotionally and spiritually?"

Hello, James! As I know you have finished work on "Conspiritus" in April. Now, after that terrible attack on London, the album's concept seems to be prophetical, in some aspects. What do you think about that? What did you feel right after the terror action had taken place?

Hi – firstly, thanks for taking the time to listen to "Conspiritus" properly. My initial thoughts on the “terrorist” attacks in London were of compassion for the poor bastards caught up in it. It’s a sad day when bombs go off in the capital of your country (which I visit frequently and use the London Underground every other week). I am someone who looks at these things sitting on the fence – I like to look at different possibilities. There are lots of suspicious and virtually un-reported things surrounding this particular criminal act – especially the fact that there was a consultancy agency run by a former minister which was giving a demonstration on how to deal with attacks at the same locations at the same time as the bombs actually went off (quite similar to the american intelligence agencies running a drill where 2 commercial planes were hi-jacked and flown into 2 skyscrapers on the morning of September 11th 2001) Also there are some photographs used as evidence in the prosecution of the suspects that seem to have been digitally altered. There are more examples, but I dont think I want to give any opinions on these events as they are too close to the actual event – look into it yourself and come to your own conclusions. If however we were talking about anomalies surrounding the attacks of 911 on New York, I could talk with you for hours – as there is more information now available.

As I understand, 'Conspiritus' is a word derived from "conspiracy" and "spirit". What does it mean?

“Conspiritus” – is the spirit of conspiracy. If we do not recognise the conspiracy as real, we are (in the view of the conspiracy theorists / researchers) actually contributing to it’s power. In my opinion, if you do not believe a global conspiracy exists, it’s either because you have a pre-conditioned idea and you have not looked into it yourself, or that you are unwilling to challenge conventional thinking.

You have uploaded track "It's Not Reality" at your website. And the first thing that springs to mind - there are no screaming vocals at all. Does it mean that death-black metal elements have been finally dropped off?

Its Not Reality is an example of how the music of Ewigkeit has progressed and is progressing. Musically it could have easily been on either of the previos 2 albums – the main change is the vocals, which I eventually had the courage to do properly. Also, as I was writing an album about something that is personally important for me, I want people to know what I am saying – a luxuary which barking down a microphone like a wild animal does not allow the listener. I dont see any point in putting on a silly voice, and I’ll leave that to bands who have nothing in particular to say with their lyrics and/or music.

John Fryer have handled producer issues this time. Before he worked only with commercially successful projects, isn't he? What influence has he cast on a final result?

John Fryer has worked with a wide range of artists, from Crade Of Filth, Fear Factory and Paradise Lost through to bands like Depeche Mode and This Mortal Coil. The music was arranged and writen by my and was mixed by him. So, if you are asking if his involvement on “Conspiritus” affected the music, then the answer is no. He mixed the album, because Earache records felt that he was the right producer for the album, and he did a great job on it!

I see the laser beam striking a pyramid on a cover artwork of 'Conspiritus'. How does it fit the album's concept?

Conspiritus promo poster by Mick Usher' The laser beam being fired from “outer space” – and that could mean from a government “star wars” satelite, or it could mean from “the heavens”. It is striking the pyramid structure, which (if you look carefully) is actually a modern office style building (about 2 miles high). It represents capitalism, the international conspiracy and the New World Order – it also has the meaning of a society where the majority is controlled by a tiny minority (like a pyramid structure) – it also has the eye at the top, representing the Eye of God, which is a masonic symbol used on the one-dollar bill of the United States. There is also a riot happening in the street in front of a building resembling the Capitol Hill building of the United States. The detail may get lost as it is quite small, but in a larger version, you can clearly see the protestors fighting with armed riot-police. It is a scene of civil unrest, and the power-structure of society is being attacked from above and below – as above, so below.

I know you were filming a video for "It's Not Reality". What like would it be? Is there a chance to see it on MTV channel?

I dont really know about this video yet, I have some ideas, but we will see if they can be used. As for MTV, I very much doubt it – but hey, truth is stranger than fiction, so you never know.

You have made few gigs supporting your previous release, 'Radio Ixtlan'. Do you intend to play live to support 'Conspiritus'?

Not in the traditional sense of playing gigs. I just dont see the point is playing what is essentially sequenced music with a traditional band. Ewigkeit is not a traditional band, so if I can get a set together of material from Conspiritus, then it will probably be in a non-traditional format. I did a few live gigs to see how playing live would work out, but the band just wasn't commited enough to take it to a professional level (probably because they didnt write the music). It was a stress.

'Radio Ixtlan' was based on Castaneda's 'Journey To Ixtlan'. What is primary for you in Castaneda's works - his visions or his methods? Nowadays reading Castaneda is vogue. Could you give an opinion on other 'vogue' literature like Coelho and Murakami?

I came across Castaneda in a period of my life where I was smoking a lot of grass. It was great stuff, and really puts the use of drugs into an almost religious context – which is traditionally where they were used. As for Castenada being “en vogue”, I wasn’t aware of that at all. I’m sorry to say that I know of neither Coelho or Murakami – would you care to suggest any material to read ??

At your blog page you define EWIGKEIT music using three words: metal, progressive, ambient. Do you find this definition perfect or was it taken due to contraries of a blog engine? Could you instead of words describe your music with three sounds?

The “blog engines” do not cater for descriptions of music like Ewigkeit ! I put the nearest thing to what I thought would decribe EWIGKEIT. I dont like to put myself or what I do into a box, and I think that it is sad when you have to.

Three sounds that can describe EWIGKEIT? hmm... the sound of contemplation, the sound of a tree falling in the distant woods and the sound of silence (hello darness my old freind... etc etc...) I guess that’s a “no” then...

What is 'heavy' music for you? I mean that the most call 'heavy' music every stuff played in two distorted guitars which is extremely wrong in my view. For me, some of BJORK albums sound more 'heavy' than, for example, traditional power metal...

I think the traditional “60’s” view of something being heavy was that of something which had great significance, or was philosophically deep. Although I’m not a 60’s hippy, that kind of sums up for me a certain amount of what makes something “heavy”, although I think shit-loads of distortion and low-end on the bass guiatr and pounding drums also help to describe that. Heavy music for me, would ideally be a mixture of the primordial mindless noise of a bunch of apes playing basic rock and the thought-provoking choral music of someone like Gorecki...;-)

In one of the past interviews you said that you have downloaded some Red Army Military marches. What do you know about Russia and Russian culture?

I dont know much (if anything) about Russian culture. I know 3 words (Niet, Da and Spasibo – which will help you spoken in any language). Save for that, I have met a few Russians (who were all extremely more educated that most English people I meet), and I know a little of the history of Russia. I have been to Prague (unfortunatley the closest to Russia I could afford) and to Eastern Germany (which were both a part of the USSR – but you know that already) and I like the film Rasputin (which has little or nothing to do with this question...)

Something you ever wanted to say but no-one asked you about...

If I were to answer this, I may be here all day – and you may decide you hate me!

Thank you!


Special thanks to Bylkin Maxim (Soyuz Music) for arranging this interview.

Band's official site: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/deathtomusic/ewignews.htm'

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