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With the guitarist of Estonian black/death band Bestia Andres Kullaste I've introduced due to the old version of a site. He has sent me the letter with correction of some mistakes and the list of the Estonian groups. Acquaintance was fastened. I sent him the review of their Demo 2001 from "M"(" Metal Music Magazine ") magazine. Honestly, he helped me moraly in "rebirth" of our site with new ideas. So there was an idea to make interview with him - the first in our history! And in the March morning we have communicated on icq. Both were in due time

Scorpio: Hi!

Andreas: Good morning!

S.: Can I talk to you in Russian?

A.: It doesn't mean. I understand Russian well and I speak it not bad too.

S.: Perfectly. Andres, what is the weather in Tallin?

A.: The Sun rises, very beautifully.

S.: It's great, and at us still the snow lays. Yesterday was powerful snowfall...
You are for us "first-born" in interview section. I think, that the first one will not be bad.
We have introduced via Internet, solet's begin interview with a theme of the Internet.

A.: OK.

S.: How there was an idea of creation Nightmare Metal Page?

A.: It was in 1995. I started to study HTML,there was few similar sites.I made it, mainly, for myself. If it is necessary to find page of any group,I go on my site.

S.: The multimedia encyclopedia.You have done considerable work!
There are mp3 songs from Demo 2001 and Promo 2002 on BESTIA page,whether it means, that the main direction of promotion of your group is Internet?

A.:Hm, yes and no.MP3 are first of all for fans. And labels get disks.

S.: Do you have contract with label?

A.: I have a lot of contacts, some people help to sell disks abroad.We haven't got contract yet, many companies wait our follow-up album.War Productions from Portugal promised to release 250 cassetes.

S.: Will your next record be demo too?

A.: No, we prepare a debut album.

S.: Perfectly! Unfortunately, I do not know the Estonian language thereforeit is interesting how names of songs are translated and about what you sing?

A.:Name of the song on Promo 2002 isis translated as "Those Who Fed Eagles" Demo 2001
Songs from Demo 2001:
Viirastus Tousvas Tules - Ghost In The Rising Fire
Igaveseks Koos - Forever Together (in the grave)
Labi Halli Udu - Through The Grey Fog
Igaviku Laps - Child Of Eternity

S.: In the review of you Demo 2001 in "M" magazine was written,that your lyrik is satanic.

A.: Well, it's not so.They are rather "horror" or "misanthropic" style .And a song on Promo 2002 in about vikings

S.: I saw references to the sites devotedto the second world war on Nightmare Metal Page. Is thistheme for you?

A.: Actualyl, not very interesting, just the links arecool. That is sad that there are false factes about this tragical period of a history yet.

S.: On your site it is written, that you participated intwo other projects, nowadays r.i.p. What didthese groups play and why they were short-lived?

A.: My first group - Battlestorm, where I played on a bass.It has broken up simply that the leader of collective stopped toplay Metal. We played epic black metal.
In Pluribus Impare I played on drums. It is group of my friends.They could not find drummer, and I have helped them.Maybe, that was a mistake. Anything good from this has not left.

S.: Were you the sessional musician?

A.: No, on a constant place. We rehearsed much that time.I bought a guitar of Battlestorm ex-leaderand began to study playing guitar.

S.: Have you recorded something??

A.: We made one demo-record in 2000.

S.: As I understand, creativity, yet doesnot bring millions "green pieces of pape" so itwould be interesting to find out about workplaces of Bestia musiciansoutside of musical creativity.

A.:Andres KullasteOK. Rainer (drums) studies attechnical university after army.Beleth (guitar) and Art (synth) still goto school. Koll (vocal) studies as the smith and is searchinga work now.Reivo (bass) has gradueted from the technical university and,in my opinion, has now gone to a magistracy. He works too.

S.: And are you the web designer?

A.: Yes.

S.: What websites in last time are you are engaged in?

A.: Hm, mainly - Nightmare Metal Page and Bestia.My co-workers and chiefs have seen, that I can make websites andnow I'm web designer of firm, I work in.

S.: And where do you work?

A.: It's a secret. :)

S.: All right. I shall not torture you.
Nowadays on the top of metal charts are such groupsas Cradle Of Filth and Dimmu Borgir. Whatdo you think of them?

A.: For them music is work and money.I not especially like music they play.

S.: And how do you find them as musicians?

A.: I was not interested in their persons, but in the technical planthey plays very cool.

S.: Was you whether in Ukraine?

A.: No, but I want to visit whenever your country.

S.: What cities?Live at Lazy bar

A.: Odessa, Kharkiv, Sochi.

S.: Sochi is in Russia, but near to Ukraine.

A.: Oh, sorry.

S.: That's nothing. All of us once were one country: and Russia, and Ukraine, and Estonia.
What did you hear about the Ukrainian Metal-stage?

A.: Mainly, Nokturnal Mortum and their projects.

S.: Do you like their creativity?

A.: Well, not on all of 100 percent. They make themusic which is distinct from music the majority of collectives makes.The first thing which I have heard, was the Ukrainian national song in black metal style.Abruptly!

S.: In the CIS countries jokes about asluggishness of Estonians. Whether these jokes are proved?

A.: Well... I don't think, that all Estonians are sluggish.

S.: Clearly. And at last, a pair of words for our readers

A.: Don't let metal die!

S.: Thanks. Success to you, Bestia and to your sites.Greetings to family and participants of group!Bye.



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