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Personally for me the Moscow band ROGATIYE TRUPOEDY (HORNED NECROCANNIBALS - Ar.) has once become an unveiling of the year. And now the fan-club of RT consists of a lot of people from all over CIS and further abroad. Fun, frenzy and a cool image have become distinguishable features of this band. And today the group's vocalist Necrosaur kindly agreed to answer our questions.

Agressor: Hi. And the first question: how did the idea to create a band occur? Who was the initiator? Who was the leader?

Necrosaur: The idea to create a group occurred to me and Exhumator somewhere around 2001. To say the truth, it was supposed to be a serious death-metal band with a name Butchery. Exhumator had already had a couple of songs. Later they became what you know as Dancing on Your Grave, Warkraft, Medsestra ("The Nurse" - Ar.)… Then in summer 2001 MetalKings.ru created the first polls on RT and in November 2001 in a pub ;) RT materialized into what you're lucky to see today.

A.: How old is your passion to heavy music? You must have started from brutal right away?! ;)

N.: Well, in 1986 or 87 my cousins made me a couple of copies of SCORPIONS, AC/DC and ACCEPT. And they showed me some foreign magazines with photos of KISS and told me that it was real cool, and that Gene Simmons's tongue was 21cm long, and that all the musicians in the band could jump 2 meters higher than the piano (!) (to this day I couldn't manage to comprehend what does the piano have to do with all this and why is it the primordial height), and that one of the drummers died of an unlucky burning gasoline spit, and that in fact KISS means Kinder SS. Those days….. And the coolest (I mean the fastest!) metal guitarist was Ritchie Blackmore, and the fastest drummer (as I found out later) was Dave Lombardo cause he could hold a dime on the wall drumming for a minute :))))))). Then I listened to ARIA for a long time, and then I listened to IRON MAIDEN and MANOWAR. And then I realized everything. I came to brutal somewhere about 1990 when I first had a chance to listen to DEATH, CANNIBAL CORPSE and the cult German band MORGOTH, now, unfortunately, non-existent. Well, it's a long story…

A.: How hard is it for a young group to make its way? And what, in your opinion, is essential for it? How can you characterize the modern Moscow metal-stage?

N.: If there is a will, there is a way, so they say. It sounds banal but the essentials are: the belief in yourself, persistence and professionalism in everything, from music and playing to stage behavior and communication with the press and public. Mathematical skills will do good also ;))). And certainly you must have some luck, at least just a little bit. And concerning the modern Moscow metal-stage I must say that it's a hard question. I don't want to insult anybody but we need a long time to grow to a proper level. The other day me and our bass-guitarist Spynogryz ("Back-gnawer" - Ar.) tried to count the perspective Moscow bands, which are at a proper underground level now. We couldn't think of two dozen. Considering we have around 100-200 groups overall. Think about it…

A.: You have a very strange name, even for a metal band ;), who invented it? Have you ever had problems with publicity, gigs or recording because of your name?

N.: Our fans have chosen the name for us in an online poll on MetalKings.ru. Nope, we never had any troubles because of the name… but, come to think of it, the police came to our first gig in the R-Club. Later the director of the club, Alexander Trophimov, told us that they came exactly because of our name. They took a stand in the auditorium, watched the show for some time and left without notice.

A.: In different publications your style of music varies from brutal-death to necro-punk-gore and brutal death. How can you characterize your own music?

N.: Our music is "diabolical necro-punk death metal", but really we don't want to create any limits. We play what we like and all those style classifications and other stuff - we leave it to the critics and journalists, let them decide! (Yessssss! I dreamed to say that all my life!!!)

A.: How's your work on the new album? Did the resignation of the drummer have an effect on it?

N.: We're working. Gradually. Nope, the resignation didn't influence our work J


A.: Why did Cherepodrobylnyk (percussions) ("Skull-crusher" - Ar.) leave the band? Are you happy with your new drummer?

N.: Cherepodrobylnyk had a lot of reasons to leave. He didn't like the new material very much. And he couldn't manage to work in a couple of groups at once (better to say he actually managed to do that but we wanted to be a priority project for him), plus there was a discrepancy between him and Spinogriz, etc. However, we parted on good terms and there's no bad blood between us. I can even say more, on one of our previous gigs Dushezhnetz ("Soul reaper" - Ar.) had a high blood temperature and was weak up to the point of loosing conscience. And what do you know, Cherepodrobylnyk, who was the drummer of ARIDA VORTEX that night, came up to me and offered his help in case our drummer was really bad. We appreciated it very much. About Dushezhnets, yes, we like him a lot. He is young, full of energy and he added some fresh ideas to our band.

A.: What can you say about your new album? What is it like? Who's the publisher?

N.: We don't know who's the publisher yet. Maybe CD-Maximum, maybe some other company. The music is going to be much faster and sophisticated and at the same time some melodic insets will appear. You'll hear everything yourself. At least we're very satisfied with the new material, we hope our fans will like it too. The lyrics will tell a story of the seven mortal sins in a circus context. Every circus character will be a subject to a mortal sin. He'll die for it consequently. Like Shakespeare said: everything's ok, everybody's dead J))). By the way, the destinies of our heroes are already ruled sway in our online polls on MetalKings.ru - go on and take a direct part in the creation of the new album.

A.: I saw the cover of your debut album "Devky, sex i trupniy yud" ("Girls, sex and the ptomaine" - Ar.). Did you have any problems with it, like Cannibal Corpse in their time? Or Russia and the USA aren't the same?

N.: Nope, no problems with the cover, which obviously means Russia and the USA really aren't the same. However, the cover was made by an American ;)

A.: I heard you had problems with the cover on "Ya na solnyshke gniyu" ("I rot in the sun" - Ar.). How could the authors of the original song from the cartoon hear this cover? Or are they inveterate metalheads? =)

N.: Don't ask! The story is tangled and unclear but the fact is that we have to get rid of the song. But we still play it at gigs and will do so on and on!

A.: There's a verdict to take the album out of sales. This means that the first edition is a rarity J, where can we get it? I actually didn't hear the song myself… J

N.: Actually, as far as I know, our CD must be available in Ukraine. But in case you can't find it go to Soundcheck.ru - you'll find it there 100% sure. And generally speaking I have to talk to the director of sales of our label. This is not a good thing that people can't buy our CDs in Ukraine!

A.: Did you have a tour abroad? If no, which countries would you like to visit in the first place?

N.: The only tour abroad was our trip to Vinnica. As for me I would start every our tour from there! It was great there!

A.: How did you like the Terroraiser Fest in Vinnica? How were you treated there?

N.: Super! Total respect and support to us! By the way, if you see Froster and Co., say hi and tell them we miss them! (we're dropping a hint… ;) )

A.: Ok :) What about the December concert in Kyiv? You were dismissed without notice, what happened?

N.: Nobody is insured from mud-blood promoters, we are not an exception. No further comment. We will never work with this person again. It's a principle.

A.: You have one of the most developed and big fan-clubs in the whole CIS. Where does the money for different kinds of actions come from? Do you have any sponsors or is it your own money?

N.: Awww… it's a provocative question. Let's say so - Moscow has a big network of Shaurma cafes (Shaurma - Traditional Asian and Oriental dish… - Ar.). The most popular shaurma is with chicken. And as you know the closest resemblance to chicken bares human meat. Do I have to tell you who's the official supplier? (demonical laughter) HAHAHAHAHA! And we're currently negotiating with a big chicken fast-food company! =))))

A.: Thank you for the interview, wish you success and continue pleasing your fans (me too ;)) ). Hope to see you soon in Ukraine.

N.: Thanks for the interview, we hope to see your readers on our gigs in Ukraine too!

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