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In back of this Murmansk-based collective 10 years of hard work. Began with doom metal, through doom/gothic band came to electro gothic rock on their last album "Argotique", which was released this year. But CHILDERMAS vocalist, Yar, says, that the group won't use maximal this succeseful, according to the critics, musical formula, to become commercial project. Though, you can read it yourself...

Scorpio: Yar, tell us about the 10-years history of CHILDERMAS.

Yar: Well...don't know what to start from... We played and played until the decade jubileum. There's not much to tell about... Only three albums over the ten years is not very impressive career. The most significant thing is the constant changes of collective. We started in 1993. At first played something, that was called doom-metal. The first demo was recorded in 1995. It was called "Decomposition Art". It was published on the label of one of our vocalists, Roman "Possessed" Ivanov, the Gothic Horde prod. It was very actual at that time. We collected full concert halls with ease and even so-known Chai-F warmed the public for us. Then our live video was published on Necrozoophilic#2 collection. And later this video-compilation fell into hands of boss of English label Black Tears distribution Russel Smith who suggested us to publish our next stuff on it. Of course we agreed and the 1997 year album "Fatalia" was released there. Lots of unknown people and companies had been distributing our album in Russia. So in this way we had been heard in USSR and abroad. The stuff on that demo was some kind of atmpospherical-gothic. We even influenced positively on media. Some publishers even accused us of being "the best in the state" on one level with SORROWFUL GOD. By the way, it's very respected by me. At that time appeared the tendention of diminishing the amount of perfomances. I don't know by what it was inflicted but that staff just denied to go to the scene preferring studio-works instead of fests. And in 1999 just before the recording of the new album band came apart. A little bit later I collected a new staff. Generally speaking, I just asked the members of the "Siver" band to help me to record the new album. So appeared "Argotique" the third and the last for this moment our disc. As you know, it was released on CD-Maximum. However, the staff of CHILDERMAS was changed further. As a result absolutely new people play in our band: me (vocals, guitars), Goratio (bass, back-vocals), Tearell (keyboards) and drummer Hitch. Time shall tell of how our collaboration would be fruitful. Yet our history continues...

Scorpio: How did you celebrate the jubileum of your band?

Yar: Nothing interesting. We drank "Jack Daniels" a little, listened to music... And then left. Nothing special. No presentations, press-conferentions or congratulations from President.

Scorpio: The new album "Argotique" was already written in 2002. But it has been released recently. What is the matter of such delay?

Yar: It was written in the end 2002 year. Then it was mixed/completed/mastered/equalizered for some time. Despite the fact that our sound-operator is very busy man, he found some time for this. In the beginning of 2003 year it was finally completed. Somewhere in the middle of the year we received a suggestion from CD-Maximum to release it. And some time was spend for formalities. That is the delay.

Scorpio: Well, it worth that. Release is on the highest level, I would say. With such quality it's not a shame to present it in the west. By the way, maybe any reviews have come from there?

Yar: Thanks. At this moment I have only responses from our friends in Finland, Switzerland and Belgium. But they have no connection with the scene or showbusiness. They like everything and they urge us to begin the CHILDERMAS' expansion on their markets. Of course we must send our album to all abroad representatives but this is not always possible. I hope that CD-Maximum would help us.


Scorpio: Unfortunately, I have heard only the last of your three albums. Could you tell me please what's the difference between them in musical specifics?

Yar: Generally, differences are radical. I like MY DYING BRIDE's method of approach to writing of new stuff: every time something new and unusual. But we just develop all the time. And they have the ability to return to their fundaments. We always changed the priorities. I can't tell that we wanted to play something that would become our style. I always rushed to something new and aspired the experiments. So the albums differ from each other in this way too. There is only one thing which almost hadn't changed: the passion to the rough guitar sound with a chronical melodism. "Decomposition Art" is just grim and depressive. "Fatalia" is beautiful and sad. "Argotique" is sarcastic and romantic a little.

Scorpio: And how do you define your style by yourself?

Yar: I don't know what to say... I prefer not to define my style because it often leads to lots of unneeded questions. Answering them tires a lot. It's critics' business to define it. Everybody finds there what he wants. For me it's just heavy and melodic music in style of SCOOTER and BILLY IDOL, ha-ha.

Scorpio: It seems to me that I have already heard somewhere the music which is the background for the chorus on Don't Promise Me.

Yar: Of course you have. Most possibly in the "Good night, kids". Ah, what a leader there, Oksana! I always watch this program. It had influenced maybe. :)

Scorpio: What pushed you to write the Cleansed By Fire song which is dedicated to loss of "Kursk" submarine?

Yar: We had just started to work this thing out, still without lyrics and name, when this tragedy occured. I remember in august of 2002 we were always sitting near TV, smoked insanely and drank tonns of coffee while experiencing that events. Generally this tragedy is very familiar to us. Half of our town is the military sailors. And submarines are standing in 30 kilometers from Murmansk. Myself I had been studying in military institute preparing for the military service on that submarines. I have something personal with it though... When it was officially broadcasted about the loss of "Kursk" we decided to dedicate this song to ones who left there... This is not requiem. This is just sign of endless respect to military mariners.

Scorpio: Yes... when listening this song many of us experience again that moments, when they were sitting near TV's in the first half of August without missing any news program.

Yar: Yes... not good memories.

Scorpio: Sear Me should be grasped like bonus-track? It's too sampled J Whose was the idea?

Yar: What a question! Of course this cover was a bonus. The idea belongs to our songoperator Wladislav. We like the original version of MDB but, you know, they made too sad. J We, eeh, let's say call this giving more vitality to the composition. Alex W. Crow sang in it's middle part just flawlessly. And making dark-wave from it was just a skill's business.

Scorpio: How the process of composing/recording the songs for album was going in the whole?

Yar: I think such questions should be asked to J.Hetfield or O.Osbourne. They possibly do it in any interesting way. And it's simple for us. First, I compose a riff and then with guys we master it on repetitions, arrange and record it. When the vocal's turn comes I write lyrics. Usually it is written right on the stage of vocals recording. I'm very lazy in this, honestly. But sometimes a revelation comes to me and I gladden everybody by my new text long before the recording.

Scorpio: With such music is difficult to play live concerts?

Yar: Well, no. Presence of big amount of samples is not the reason for absence of live perfomances. In fact, playing live we sound more "metallic" and less "disco". Somewhere brutally. Somewhere symphonically. That's why it's real to play live with such music.

Scorpio: So, if you play you don't use the samples and play the same songs but with non-electronical arrangements?

Yar: Absolutely correct. Of course there is ability to make the samples for every live-track for concert and make a perfomance, for example, on a disco. But that haven't happened yet.

Scorpio: And are your compositions being rotated on discos?

Yar: They are. And with great enthusiasm, I must say. Especially Sear Me and Don't Promise Me.

Scorpio: There's no doubt about Don't Promise Me. After I listened the disc for three times, it was the only thing that I listened ten more times.

Yar: Good thing. It is dedicated to my ex-girlfriend. Truly, I don't know why there is so much happiness in it despite the fact that its theme is not very happy but, in fact, everybody find it very lively. Maybe because of Alex W. Crow's vocals in the chorus.

Scorpio: And what about you, do you attend such arrangements?

Yar: Of course. In fact, the club pop culture is very developed in our city. There are few live rock-perfomances in our city, so we usually attend clubs. So usual metal-listener in Murmansk knows well about techno, house etc. music.

Scorpio: By the way, do you have any ideas about making a videoclip?

Yar: Lots of ideas but no money.

Scorpio: Maybe most ideas are about the Cleansed By Curse. It's enough to close my eyes to make the image.

Yar: By the way, no. This composition was already planned for a clip, but we decided not to exploit this theme... But, honestly, we have a good scenery for it... Also the video for Take Me High is already made, but by some reasons, the most possibly for this song would be no video and video material would be used for another song from planned new album.

Scorpio: And what we would be able to hear on a new album? And when it would be released?

Yar: Honestly, I don't want to predict too much. I can tell only one: melodic and heavy stuff would be fully presented. Also new album wouldn't be the sequel of the "Argotique". Most possibly, we will try to release the part of stuff from already prepared in 1999 year but not released demo "Forever". The heading song from it is already replayed and advanced. Also there would be some tearful ballads plus, of course, some radio-actions songs. We are planning the full renewal of our equipment and we hope that new sound would be more juicyful, ideal and heavy. We would like to gladden our fans forth.


Scorpio: How influence on inhabitants of Murmansk the fact that it's port city and the neighbourhood with North Europe (Norway, Switzerland, Finland) ?

Yar: By large amount of drunken finns, norgs, swedens, malaysians, philippinians and others on the street in the evening. I think, by nothing else.

Scorpio: By the way, you have "white nights" there. What feelings do they bring?

Yar: The feelings that the summer has come. It does not influence locals. It influence mostly guests of our city. They can't sleep, feel themselves upset, nervously look at clock, non-adequately react after 5 nights without dream etc.

Scorpio: But are there people who specially get there to experience that phenomenon?

Yar: No, of course. At least I haven't seen them yet. Usually visitors forget about the phenomenon while on their way here. Most of people think that "white nights" appear only in St.Petersburg not in the city further the polar circle. Study geography! :)

Scorpio: What music do you prefer?

Yar: Various. Beginning from TATU and ZEMPHIRA and ending by MACHINE HEAD and DEVILDRIVER. In fact, we listen to everything good, not looking at splendourness or moral intelligence.

Scorpio: And what do you think about people, who listen only "pure" metal and don't want to understand anything else?

Yar: Do you mean orthodoxes in style of "true"? I think that in their one-wayed loyality to one type of music is hidden adolescentive maximalism or just simple narrow-mindness. I don't think that such people should be repersuaded.

Scorpio: I won't release you without final speech.

Yar: Thanks for the interview. That's real support. I'm very glad that you make very important business for the scene. And, using the opportunity, I would like to recommend to buy our disc "Argotique" to all fans of heavy music. Album is not grim, but it raises humour instead. Stay heavy. Good luck, Vladimir!


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