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ROSSOMAHHAR is nowadays one of the best groups of Russian metal-scene. Thanks to such collectives opinion about while metal activities in CIS is formed by western metal-public. Now band is working on a new (third) full-length album. On the quastions answered Lazar - founder, guitarist, vocalist...

Scorpio: Hello! How are you doing? How is it going with record of your new creation "SomniRegnum"?As well as usual, while the rhythm-section is written guitarist and vocalist do not knowwhere to get to, and then the drummer goes with a pleased kind and gloats over?

L.: Hi! Our affairs go wonderfully, we at last have begun recording of newour album with the work-name "Somni Regnum" and while all is well. Have written downdrums, that insound recordings in general the most difficult, literally tomorrow we start torecord a bass. We nothurry up, I think, that the ready material will appear not earlier, than in twomonth.What about, "do not knowwhere to get to" and "goes and gloats over"...Heh, you probably are widely-read my interview in "M" magazine. Actually I'm more thanoccupied and reallyknow, where to get to. Besides a guitar and a vocal on an album, I also record it, i.e. I amengineer and sound-producer. Loading turns out enormous, but Ihas got used. The last albumswere recorded in the same way, so all is ОК.

S: Whose idea was to invite an orchestra?

LazarL.:While we've not get them away, shall leave this question on the future.Probably, I'll delete all tracks withorchestra, so it's early to be proud of ouroriginal (ormay be not original) decision...

S: What are you going to please/surprise your fans with?

L.:To please fans is our primary goal. So to please the admirersWe try on every album.Once again to surprise... Surprise happens aspositive and also negative. We try to not change the policy taken still with "ImperiumTenebrarum", but time is going and we vary as people,so changes in creativity will not avoid.I hope, that ourinnovations be suited taste to people, for which music of Rossomahaar is notindifferent.

S: "216". What does this mysterious number mean (the name of one of new songs)?

L.: And the song turns out itself very mysterious... What exactly means number 216 I don'tknow, but it something means, precisely. Our poet, Herr Stalhammar, has seen enoughfilms from the category "Cinema not for all". So the idea "216" is taken from anyavangard film.If to read the text, It's very crazy. Something about searches for true name of the god.

S: Does Rossomahaar have problems with the publishing of albums?Who will issue the third cd?

L.:We do not have problems with the edition of albums, all of them are issued anddistributed. We don't wishto give the art to bad and unfair hands, so have to refuse from some offers.

S: A label of your dream?

L.:I think, such does not exist, since art and show business are a littledifferent things. And not the group should dream of a label, and a label about group. But the offerexceeds demand.

S: All musicians from Rossomahaar participate in remarkable project Der Gerwelt.How do you choose, which songs will be for Rossomahaar, andwhich for Gerwelt?Or the question is put so: "Everything, that we shall think up this week, we shall recordfor Rossomahaar, and everything, that on following - for Der Gerwelt". Or how?

L.:Our bass player Kniaz doesn't participate there.Rossomahaar is a group which rehearses and gives concerts. DerGerwelt is more likely ours with Alex Kantemirov (More Hate Prods. chef)project, and also drummer from Rossomahaar halp us and,probably, this project's withcontinuation. Quite good labels are interested in ite, we shall look,what will be.I do not choose songs for any of groups. I write them particularly forSomething. Der Gerwelt it is not similar toRossomahaar and even more it is not similar to that Der Gerwelt, which Alexdid independently.What about decisions of questions on that that "we shall think up this week"or "on following".It's not weeks, it's years. Rossomahaar's albums are each in 2 years.Inventing and preparation for record occupies a year. In other year I am engaged anyproject as thirst of creativity does not entitle to stay idle.

S: What questions of set in interview, more all bother?

L.: I interview not so allow much, so for the present anything especially hasn'tbothered.

S: And what question liked you most of all?

L.:A question of Spanish "Rock Hard": "Is it really, in Russia are not present alivedrummers?"

S: And one more question about (sorry for a pun). Whether is there a question, onahich you with pleasure would answer, but it still nobody and neverset? If such exists then answer it at once.

L.:Anything in a head, honestly. I do not aspire to search forquestions to myself. Them and so n a life surrounds too much, and moreoften on what is not present answers.

S: On April, 30 you should give concert in Kiev, but there were some problems...And that you already very long ago gathered to organize gigs in Ukrainian.

L.:The concert on April, 30 has been transferred for May, 16. More recently during one of the lastour performance somebody (moral ugly creatures) have stolen my bag, in which besides differentvaluable things was my passport. As is known without the passport to Ukraine you will not come.I undertake all efforts, but time remained very little.Whether in some days begins clearly I can arrive whether or not. Ifnot, I am sorry all those who wanted to see us. It's not our fault, andfault of those mongrels at which the hand on another's property and fault of the governments which has risenimpose stupid restrictions on travel between Ukraine and Russia. I had the similarsituation 2 years ago, but I could make round on cities of Belarus with document "TemporaryCertificates of the Citizen of the Russian Federation". For travelling onterritory of Ukraine the passport is needed and nothing else. Any other identification cards notapproach.

S: Thanks! I wish fast and "withoutproblems" releasing of an album!

L.: Thanks. First of all, we have to record it "withoutproblemly".


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