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With the vocalist of ukrainian death group from Chernigov Nocturnal Dominium we've contacted by e-mail. It's a pity that live interview in Kiev was circumvented what's why I sent'em the questions and Andrew Gorbol answered on it.

Kashey: What is recorded already and how goes the promotion?Do you have some contracts with labels?

Аndrew.:We've recorded 90 percents of our album (need to add a key's riffs somewhere, bass and to do intelligence). Fairly to say, we've tired from this recording, because it follows more than three years. We couldn't ended our work because sometimes we have no money, sometimes we made a little reconstruction of our studio, sometimes of some other shit.That's why we don't contact labels.

K.: Do you have some influens on your creation? What gruops or writers? Or you have an influence of your old city Chernigov?

А.:When writting music or texts, we have no influence of Chernigov, though we all love our city, and proud that we were born here. Some groups have an influence on our creation, it's: MALMSTEEN, DREAM THEATRE, KREATOR, SLAYER, SYMPHONY X, AMORPHIS, THERION.

GuitaristK.: To wich style you take back your music?

A.:.You know, it's a difficult to describe a style of your group. What's why there are you - journalists, it's your work.

K.: It will be interesting to know abot work or study places of group's members.

A.:OK let's begin form me. I'm ending a manager staff university, on that same spacialisation. I'm working in shop "FABRIKA ZVUKA" as a saleman. Guitarist and keyman study at music training school on a third age. Guitarist on violin and keyman on piano. Second guitarist singing in a choir at filarmony.Drummer and basist study at the institute.

K.: On wich language you write your texts?

A.:On russian, and when they translating for us to english.

K.: While creating the songs, do look about on some grands of hard music?


K.:How does responsibilities dividers in your group? who are singing, who are composer? who writes text for your music?

A.:I'm a vocalist and manager of our gruop. Guitarists and keyman write music, but if its posible we also take part in this process.

K.: What groups do you like?

A.:They all different. I'm listen a brutal music, as usual CANNIBAL CORPSE, DEICIDE, DYING FETUS etc. MALMSTEEN, NIGHTWISH, KREATOR, BLACKMORES NIGHT.Keyman and guitarist listen progressive metal DREAM THEATRE, SYMPHONY X, MALMSTEEN and so on. Basist listen some black-metal gruops and brutal death. Second guitarist - EXTREME, Mr. BIG, also prograssive music, and solo-projects different guitarists-virtuoses, jazz. Drummers - thrash, heavy, power metal.

K.: When and why did the idia of grop's creating appeare?

A.:Idea appeared in 1997, when I sang in death group WELSEWOOL, and my acquaintance Anton Kaplin playd on guitar in doom band NECROMANCY. Our both gruops rehearsed at same building in keyman of NECROMANCY. I and Anton didn't like what we do in our bands, and after some rehearse we assembl with him and after conversation decided to unificate our musical talents.In our gruop came basist WELSEWOOL - Victor on drummer's place, which later've created his band NATURAL SPIRIT, and keyman from NECROMANCY - Sergey. This was the beginning.

GuitaristK.:Where did you get the name of your band, and what does it mean?

A.:Name I got from some book, a can't remember, but as for me it was "Man's Dealings With Divil" (very cool bok, wrote in 1901. Recommend all to read it).Name means - "Superiority of dark above the world".

K.: What do you think about such commershion, when trying to earn more money, group's music became easier? Could you go on such concessions?

A.:This is a thing of each musiciant, you know, that plying metal, you dont earn money in our country. If we would like to play pop's, and earn money on it, we've could to do it, if we wanted, all the more, that profesional lavel of our group's members allow to do this, but we don't want it. But we play our music, becouse we like it, but not for money. You must earn money somewhere else.

K.: When and where you've like to play at the nearest future? By the way, what your impressions from last playing in Kiev (29.03.2003)?

A.:In April, 30 in Kyev with MENTAL DEMISE, ROSSOMAHAAR and some band from Kyev.I have a good impressions from last concert in Kyev, for this a separate thank's to MENTAL DEMISE's organizers and to their manager Add.

К.: Give your opinion of developing of metal music in Ukraine and CIS-states??

А.:Now its became better and better. Appeared a lot cool bands, wich play such as their west brothers. Sound of our bands became much better. A lot of magazines и web-magazines appeared, which help a young bands.

К.: With which famous bands you want to play on one stage and with wich you've already played?

А.:We played with GODS TOWER, NOKTURNAL MORTUM, MENTAL DEMISE, FLYING, TE DEUM, UNERASE, VIA DOLOROSA, KAMO GRYADESHI, and nearly ten bands also from all Ukraine.Personaly I want to play on one stage with CANNIBAL CORPSE, AMORPHIS or THERION.

К.: Did you hear something about Chernovtsi bands?


К.: I hope your favourite drink its ”Chernigov bear”?

А.:Yes, we it native by litres eat. We are patriots of our bear, and during the concert in Kyev we drank Chernigov bear.

К.: A few words for our readers.

А.:Listen metal, drink a lot of bear, and you'll be that same that we are. Ha-ha.

К.: Thank you for the interview! Succes to Nocturnal Dominium!

А.:Thanks you too for intersting questions. Succes!


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