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This five piece metal act from Denmark released their debut album, "Mechanical Spin Phenomena", through famous in metal world label - Nuclear Blast. So it must be already intersting for you to know more about MNEMIC. Their style is determined as Fusion Future Metal. What is it and many more in the interview. Brian Rasmussen answers the questions.

Scorpio: Hi, so tell please, how was the band MNEMIC born?

Brian: Well, Rune and me, self (Brian) started to play together as a two-piece, "playing for fun" thing, later on Mircea joined , and he introduced a singer, Mark, but due to personal problems he left. Mikkel joined shortly after (old bass-player). After seeing Michael on a television show we contacted him for a try-out. Everything worked perfectly between us, so we started to make new songs. We made a demo, got signed by Nuclear Blast, recorded our record, Then Mikkel left the band , also due to personal problems. We knew a guy (Obeast) who could fill the space , and he was interested... so that's it.

Scorpio: Group has been in existence for about five years but debut album was released only this year? Why?

Brian: As I said before, we had some trouble when we started out, finding the right band-members, 'cause somebody left, we had to start from scratch.

Scorpio: How did you succeeded in signing a deal with Nuclear Blast? You haven't got any album, massive popularity, few people knew MNEMIC. What's the main reason, you think? Were there another proposals, from other labels?

Brian: We had some proposals , but none that's worth talking about. Nuclear Blast was something that fitted for us perfectly, they have the same ideas as us, to where we want to take the band. As to how we got signed , it was a combination of doing the right in the right time..and talking too the right people.

Scorpio: Where had you recorded "Mechanical Spin Phenomena"?

Brian: We recorded at the Antfarm studio in Denmark, with Tue Madsen (Grope, Haunted, ..) producing it.


Scorpio: Your style: Fusion Future Metal. What is it?

Brian: Hm... its a mixture of technical rhythms , heavy guitars , melodic/aggressive vocal and samples. All that combined has a modern sound, thus "Fusion Future Metal" I don't know how else to describe it, we play the music, and let somebody else label it.

Scorpio: Metal of XXI century. What will it be? Like MNEMIC stuff?

Brian: I don't think so... bands will always try to do their own thing, but I think bands will use technology, more and more in the production.

Scorpio: What are you lyrics about?

Brian: Uuuhh, it's Michael, who do the lyrics... they are personal to him, but... I think they are about everyday observations of people.

Scorpio: What music do you listen to?

Brian: Personally I listen to all sorts of music, from jazz and classical to death/thrash metal..

Scorpio: Do you use computer samples while composing your songs?

"Mechanical Spin Phenomena"Brian: No... they are added in the studio... we decide when and where in the process of composing the songs. I compose all the keyboard sections, I also do that when we compose the songs.

Scorpio: Are you interested in computers?

Brian: Of course. I use my computer to make different drum fills and loops.

Scorpio: Maybe one of you works in computer firm, or something like that?

Brian: No, we only use computers for different creative purposes , like image and musical things.

Scorpio: What is your job and how much do you earn?

Brian: I work in a kindergarten and I don't earn enough...he-he.

Scorpio: And what about the ability in Denmark to get new metal music CDs?

Brian: The distribution is quite good in Denmark , so we can get hold of pretty much anything, It is in the shops, the problem lies. They are afraid to order new music, they only order the "safe bet" , but if we ask them, they can get it.

Scorpio: What was you last bought CD?

Brian: Hm… I can't remember... I think MESHUGGAH.

Scorpio: Have you watched the film "Resident Evil"?

Brian: Yup!

Scorpio: Did you like it?

Brian: Yaa, it was ok.

Scorpio: Do you want to act one day in a movie?

Brian: No.

Scorpio: Have you ever was beaten by electricity?

Brian: Sure, when I was a kid.

Scorpio: What did you feel?

Brian: Like my balls kicked up in my throat, he-he.

Scorpio: Scientists say, that people use only from 5 to 10 percents of their mind abilities. Are we really so stupid?

Brian: Absolutely no doubt. Look at all the wars and shit going on in the world today. We never learn.

Scorpio: Maybe other mainly part of our brain is answered for extraordinary abilities like flying, thoughts reading, looking through the walls?

Brian: Could be. It's certainly very interesting what the rest of our brains is ment for.

Scorpio: Maybe you know how can people develop these abilities?

Brian: It's a secret.. but if you must know: you'll have to yank your balls 5 inches everyday , for 2 years. then see what happens.


Scorpio: If you would have Time Machine, where and when you went?

Brian: I would go back a buy ALL the stock from Microsoft!

Scorpio: Now some "Awards":
Musician N1
- Devin Townsend.
Politician N1 - None.
Sportsman N1 - Don't care about sports.
Drink N1 - Beer.
Invention of XX century N1 - computer.
Most scandal person - George Bush.
The cleverest person - Devin Townsend.
Most stupid person - George Bush.
Prettiest woman - Uuuu, don't get me started.

Scorpio: Your Top 5 metal albums:

Brian: MESHUGGAH "Destroy Erase Improve", DEVIN TOWNSEND "Biomech", TYPE O NEGATIVE "October Rust", DREAM THEATER "Metropolis pt. 2 Scenes From A Memory", SUFFOCATION "Effigy Of The Forgotten"

Scorpio: Last words:

Brian: Hope you all will listen to our album , I think there is something for everybody on it.. And hope to see you on tour or a festival.


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