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In Texas, well know through its oil "towers", dirty gas stations, ZZ TOP and blues rock, bases one of the most famous doom metal groups - SOLITUDE AETERNUS. Though Texas, as we can say, is the center of "real America", this band plays 100 % European music. Nice, so emotional clear vocal, great melodies, very honest presenting of the music in general. All their efforts are very popular (not only by doom metal fans), and their two first albums, "Into The Depth Of Sorrow" and "Beyond The Crimson Horizon" are rare things, because the company, which released 'em (RoadRacer) didn't take care about re-printing, and the main printing contaned not so many copies. Now SOLITUDE AETERNUS is signed to Massacre, which take care about their musicians. After band's last "Adagio" album much time passed, and now - good news from group's camp. Soon we'll get the new album, "Alone"! Main ideologist of SOLITUDE AETERNUS - guitarist John Perez will tell us more.

Velingor: When is the release of new SOLITUDE AETERNUS album "Alone" is expected, is it already recorded?

John Perez: As I do this interview (March 15th) we are now ready to record the new album! We are looking for suitable studio to record in here in Texas. I think we will most certainly be recording by the second week in April. We are very excited to record the new material as it's been a very long time since "Adagio"!

Velingor: Your vocalist Robert Lowe was very emotionally singer!!!! Is he still with you?

John Perez: Yes Robert Lowe is still with us! He is the voice of SOLITUDE AETERNUS and without him there is no SOLITUDE AETERNUS. Thank you for the compliments!

PerezVelingor: Will the new album "Alone" be in the same classic doom style as previous? Who did write a material for this album?

John Perez: I believe our new material is every bit as good as anything we have done in the past. On this album I think the heavy metal influence will be very apparent on a few tracks. We've also kept most of the songs slow and doomy with many changes in some and not so many in others. I think it's very much in line with everything we've done so far and should please any existing SOLITUDE AETERNUS fan! We continue to play melodic, emotional heavy doom tinged METAL! Our bass player Steve Moseley contributed a lot of material to this album as well as the usual songs done by myself (John Perez).

Velingor: Your previous album has been record in England, why there? Where was the new album recorded?

John Perez: We liked to go the England as we had recorded "Through the Darkest Hour" there as well. The atmosphere of England is gloomy and cold most of the time and this helps us maintain a mood. It also is isolated from everything else and we could concentrate a bit more on the record because of this. We will however, do the new album in Texas simply because it's too difficult at this time to coordinate an overseas recording session.

Velingor: SOLITUDE AETERNUS is one of the most consecutive adherents pure doom metal . Do you have desires to experiment in other styles? Maybe you and other musicians SOLITUDE AETERNUS have any side projects perhaps?

John Perez: Thank you for the compliments! Actually I've always felt that we have incorporated different elements of non metal and non doom metal into our songwriting. I've always thought of us as a "melting pot" of ideas and styles. It just so happens that we like to keep it doomy and heavy most of the time! I've always liked to add elements of death metal, heavy metal, groove rock, experimental stuff and death rock into some of our material.

Velingor: Now USA associates as the basic supplier of such "new metal" bands as LIMP BIZKIT, KORN, MARYLIN MANSON and similar them. Music of SOLITUDE AETERNUS looks on this background as something exotic. How do people perceive your music in your country?

John Perez: I don't like most of those types of bands although I have to admit that I do like some of MARYLIN MANSON and GODSMACK's stuff. Most of this music is just too much of the same with no real feeling (other than aggression) and it just doesn't appeal to me. I like MARYLIN MANSON's dark approach and I like GODSMACK sense of melody and tight riffing.

Velingor: How much do you give gigs or tours?

John Perez: Not too much these days as everyone works regular jobs and it's hard to get time off to do these things.

Velingor: Where can your fans expect tour of Solitude Aeturnus in Europe? In fact a label "Massacre Rec." publishing you based in Europe!

John Perez: We will possibly tour in support of "Alone" sometime soon after the release. I'm not sure at this point but I think something will happen later on in this year.

Velingor: Official web site of Solitude Aeturnus still doesn'nt work. But many your fans have interest to history of your band, new events, want to see your photos. When will it work again?

John Perez: Yes, we really need to get an official site up. I have such little free time that it's difficult to do. I'm trying to get something up by the time we finish recording our new album I'll post some future information on the Brainticket Records website on the news page at www.brainticket.com For now you can check out this fans site at this link solitudeaeturnus.cjb.net


Velingor: In Europe many musicians have to work for existence except his bands. Do you have same?

John Perez: Unfortunately we have the same situation. We do not make money from Solitude and all of us have to work "real jobs" to support the band.

Velingor: How is your business your labels Brainticket Rec. and Liquid Sound Company? Do you make this business with your wife?

John Perez: Yes, my wife and I run Brainticket Records together. Our goal is bring out the best heavy and psychedelic music we can find and make it available to the entire planet. The Liquid Sound Company is just a studio project of my own psychedelic acid rock.

Velingor: Albums "Into The Depths Of Sorrow" and "Beyond The Crimson Horizon" is very difficult to find in Europe. They are considered as the rare. Do you have plans for their republishing?

John Perez: We've re-issued In the Depths already on Brainticket and will do the same with Beyond the Crimson Horizon in May. Both have extra tracks not available on the original release.

Velingor: Did somebody make releases of marchdesign (for example T-Shirts) of SOLITUDE AETERNUS? Many your fans would like to have it, but they can not find it anywhere unfortunately.

John Perez: We have signed a merchandising agreement with Massacre and they are responsible to make new merchandise for us. I'm sure we'll have some shirts for the new album and I think they may still have some "Adagio" t-shirts as well. I will be making some "Into the Depths of Sorrow" shirts in a few months and they will be available through Brainticket

Velingor: Do you have support friendly and business relations with bands (U.S. and not only)? Do you have communication with ex-membrs of SOLITUDE AETERNUS?

John Perez: We know and respecit many bands here in the US! Especially our doomy friends in HIDDEN HAND, PLACE OF SKULLS, REVELATION, OMEN, NEVERMORE, WHILE HEAVEN WEPT and many others. I don't see the ex members of SOLITUDE AETERNUS anymore. Maybe Lyle a little bit but not very often. We all still get along though. No bad vibes here.

Velingor: Lyrics on your early albums was written by bass guitarist Lyle Steadham.

LoweJohn Perez: That is correct.

Velingor: Who do this function now?

John Perez: Robert writes the lyrics now. He wrote most of them for Adagio as well.

Velingor: What do you know about metal stage of the CIS (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus) something? Do you know any bands?

John Perez: Unfortunately I know nothing of bands from your area. I love the one disc that we sell through Brainticket from SCALD! Excellent doom!

Velingor: Do you have plans to make tour around the CIS (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus) and countrys of Baltic region? We have many fans of SOLITUDE AETERNUS here!!!

John Perez: We would love to but it's usually up to tour organizers to get us over there so unless we get someone to make us an offer to tour it's very difficult to do.

Velingor: Please, some words (or wishes) to fans of Solitude Aeturnus in the CIS.

John Perez: For everyone that is an SOLITUDE AETERNUS fan we thank you! Music is the language for all of us to enjoy and communicate with. We like to share that with all of our brothers and sisters in metal out there in the CIS!!! Keep it heavy!


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