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On the pages of our webzine - group from Russian city Naberezhnye Chelny. Though pseudonims of these guys are death metal bands' names, they play true black metal. Death and Carcass are really educated in questions of dark side, demonology. I've even get some more info about satan's legions...

Scorpio: Greetings Death, greetings Carcass. Let's get acquainted. When have you founded SAMHAIN and the basic marks of a history of collective?

Death: Greetings to all. Year of the foundation - a boundary 1996 - 1997. Then we were so bothered with those pops, which could hear from a concert in a concert and, that the most interesting there weren't any gleams of hope that in the near future something heavy will appear on our stage (though poor attempts to correct position were observed, it is necessary to give due to some cretins, that strained us even more), that finally has led us to unwritten true: "If you want something, do it yourself". Though my opinion is those - would be even one more less mean heavy band in city under which beer was possible to have fun in plenty yes to have a drink, I wouldn't do all this, blessing the head was full of other problems. At that time I have been completely absorbed by the organization of a black brotherhood, formation of the basic directions of activity, development of rituals, work above a microclimate of collective, etc., at last, sharpening of the skills in black craft. In general all organize-ideological work. The idea of occurrence of group has arisen simultaneously with idea of creation of a brotherhood and the first participants of group were those who though somehow understood in heavy music and had concept about a musical instrument. What it there should be the heaviest gang in city (in Tatarstan?) in anybody did not cause doubts as all liked this direction is enough for a long time (personally I since 1984) On a vocal I have risen is compelled, because there weren't any other nominees, and it did not cause the big delights in me. The main thing, that music as such, was one more way to inform up to weights will of the Devil. In 1997 we "manage" to record a demo (of terrible quality, but ideologically correct, in the best traditions of "true black") which have distributed among nearest to us by spirit of people. Further - uncountable rehearsals, changes of line-up, a withdrawal of "fellow travellers" from a brotherhood (as known, "the fashion on satanism" at the end of 90 beginning 2000 went down), the certain vital circumstances - all this has predetermined that situation which was base: we with Carcass again together go this road and again together we manage the business.
Carcass: Well, in general my colleague has rather precisely specified the reason of occurrence of group. From myself I can add, that there is simply heavy tender music which a beside did not stand with hymns of eulogy Master Devil. SAMHAIN always was and will be under black banners, and it will never be lowered to the Norwegian pretentiousness, their plan was certainly super, but it is impossible to mix diabolism and nazism - it smells slightly of heresy. It would be desirable to appreciate respect to the Great Chancellor of the Hell - here and has been given birth Samhain.

S.:Your nicknames have the common with cult death groups?

D.: Interestingly you have somehow asked it. Specially, probably, you want to check up: are we oleasters or no? Or on ignorance? Or due to a misunderstanding? Nicknames have cats, dogs, rats, fishes and other brothers our smaller plus gops.Probably you had in view of our pseudonyms? With group I has no anything the common, though it is unconditional, group Death is deeply dear by me.The certain sense is enclosed in my pseudonym, but I would not like to open it for wide public, is a subject of conversation for narrower circle.
C.: Besides, as it has precisely been noticed, though also me gang Carcass has not been created, but the given group in due time has created new branch in Death Metal, them it is possible to respect for broken guitar reeves. Anything terrestrial is alien to me, and at us are such binges, that if Marquis de Sad has visited them, he had big number of themes for writing of new books. On one such action, I also was distinguished. All was terminated by a terrible hang-over and my new name.

S.: On Saligia you used computer drums. Really in Chelny (Naberezhnyye Chelny, Russia - aut.) rather badly with drummers?

CarcassD.: I have already described a situation with heavy music in our city. Whether it is necessary to speak about such speciality as drummer of heavy direction in music?Those in the country, probably, are so less, and at us, in Gopcity...Certainly, it is possible to take bad, to learn him some courses, and to work with him. But, at least for me, the person, his outlook and how he is joined to our and general ideological direction of group, is important. And then to consider him as the musician. The main thing - is he on ours, the dark side, or on that side. And what superdrummer he was, his abilities cannot smooth contradictions in attitude. And sad experience already was. In due time drumed at us one, he pretended to be the pagan, and what? He found the girlfriend who has given him (maybe for the first time in a life) and that's all, he's not present now, that was more important for fim than music and all, with it connected. And why? That is why, that he hadn't belief in himself, in us, in the Devil. What for to us superfluous expenditure of time for such inutile plebeians?They - people and let to themselves live humanly, catching fish in their muddy waters.
C.: Yes, man from him is useless, but now he's suuuper pussy&ass-licker! Maybe you can do for him free advertising, a pier such as "hey, virgins and holes: hasten to see! Licks, fucks, drums-simultaneous!". Disgusting!

S.: Will we hear "alive" drums an the next album?

D.: If there will be a nominee suitable for us on all parameters, of course. Though there are big doubts on this account. To tell the truth, personally I do not suffer from that absence. As spoke I.V.Stalin: " there Is a person - there is a problem, and no person - no problem ".
C.: Maybe it doesn't need? And that with a word "drummer", at me is enough strange associations. But if he will refer to super-vooper-drummmmer then there is a sense to hear him.

S.: Have you started the composition of a new material?

D.: Yes, we have . Moreover, the most part of a material is ready. If we would try a little more, could release this year a new album, but have counted it as impudent immodesty, therefore we shall wait a little. On lyrics the future material will be devoted to all heresies of the Middle Ages, in memory of all oustanding figures of religious opposition falling in unequal fight with christianity. In the nearest plans - release of split together with Izhevsk BESTIAL. Also we expect the answer from a More Hate label concerning realization of 'Saligia'.
C.: One I can tell, the new album will not be similar on previous, it will be much more malicious and more gloomy. With each new album so will be. We want absolute. Buy in shops of your city!

S.: On the site you have based library of the devilish literature. Whether soon fresh books will appear in list?

D.: By and large, that on a site, it - an educational program (not considering Al Hazred, certainly). All is made for young creations, typing in search system key words, got to us on a site. I do not think, that works of La Vey for those who are for a long time on the dark side, are Terra Incognito. For the others initially there will be also it. In any case serious treatises to publish it would not be desirable for many reasons. And the fresh material on devil subjects will appear in process of forces and time.
C.: More often visit our site, we very much try to update it.Nothing ventured, nothing gained (as is known), and shortly there not only fresh books will appear.

S.: In this respect you are docks, and whether for a long time began to read such literature?

D.: I started to be interested in it as myself I remember, and direct access to "body" has taken place at the end of 80s - the beginning of 90s when all restrictions connected to censorship have been taken off, and in the book markets something has appeared worth. Now, by the way, this period has passed and to pick up something or serious represents the certain complexity.
C.: If I shall tell, that from the cradle it will be not the truth. Me always enraged christianity, cantemplation of "white" features and lisping caused fury. Somehow so by itself happened, - should happen. As little wolf aspiring to mother, Diabolist should aspires to knowledge of back streets of a labyrinth of Black Craft.

S.: МCan educate me and our readers by way of guards of the Satan?I knew only the Lucifier, Azazel, Belfegor before your work has fallen me into hands.

D.: In general, demonology - one of the most favourite directions and I can tell many for very long time. But somebody it is necessary to mention.Put Satanachia - the general-anchief, possessed deep knowledge of all planets and helped witches to establish close communication with living on the Earth. Also had special authority above terrestrial mothers.Agaliarept - the great general of the Hell and the commander of the second legion, supervised Europe and Asia Minor, and also the past and the future. Possessing ability to open secrets, created enmity also mistrust between people.Africa was under authority of personal general - lieutenant Velzevul.Fleurety. The expert in a scope of the poisoned plants and the grasses causing hallucinations, Fleurety worked at night. He created enmity between people, kindling feeling of lasciviousness. Usually the group of violent colleagues took part in his adventures.Marquis Amon operated front orders of forty legions of army of the Hell. This demon threw up fire from the wolf mouth. Amon had the wolf head and a snake tail. At him{it} gift of a prophecy and ability to predict the future was.Aguares - great duke of east areas of the Hell, had in submission of 30 legions. He was the good linguist, and also is skilful to arrange dancings dead.Amduscias - one more great duke, odered about 29 legions and, that is rather strange, was glorified by that is skilful to compose awful, grating on the ears music. Usually he was pictured with a human figure and a unicorn head.Sargatanas - the brigade general, served in direct submission of Astaroth and possessed unique gift - he could penetrate into consciousness of the person and read his secret ideas. If Sargatanas experienced the same ideas and feelings he could erase them from consciousness of the person, and him to transfer on other side of globe.Field marshal in army Astaroth was the demon Nebiros which personally looked after Northern America and often used animals for the mean acts.Count Raum odered about 30 legions and was known by destructions of cities. He possessed mysterious ability to determine the one who has made larceny.Vaal - Great Duke, odered about 66 legions, one of the ugliest officers of the Satan. His body was short and fat, and the legs growing in all sides, reminded spider's paws. Vaal had three heads - cat's, frog's and human, and the last is crowned. The hoarse and shrill voice of him was awful. Ваал used it to allow manuals to the perfidious followers. This ruthless and artful demon could become invisible.In head of 60 of legions stood Abigor - the knight, who rides a winged horse and from height the manager of his soldiers. He knew all knowledges of conducting war and possessed gift of a prophecy. As against other demons Abigor was represented as the nice and valiant dandy.Azazel was the standard-bearer of army of the Hell.The list can be continued...
C.: This question is not clear to me not much. In fact most fucken man is interested in something. Before catch something or learn something, it is necessary somewhere browse, to break your knees in blood. There are many places where it is possible to catch interesting all curious. SAMHAIN always propagandized Evil but if here to write all about the Devil and its troops, on it there will leave years. Small part all it is on our site.

S.: To be honestly, I have a little representations about the Tatar metal scene. I've heard only works 'M.E.P.H.I.S.T.O.' SORROWFUL GOD (Almetyevsk), 'Saligia' SAMHAIN of course, read interview of collective ALKONOST. Who else from your territories deserves attention?

DeathD.: Good word-combination "the Tatar metal-scene" have you thought up. To tell the truth, I too have no representation about "the Tatar metal scene" because it (as it seems to me) does not exist. Probably, in other cities guys also play good music, but we know nothing about them and in it all is the problem - problem in absence of contacts, communications. I even don't know if SORROWFUL GOD exists till now. I even had idea of the some unity, mutual aid to growing up, perspective gangs, the organization of heavy concerts, etc. even within the framework of city. We shall realize, though specificity of city makes this task hard to carrying out. With ALKONOST we support acquaintance, but personally I believe, that to metal they have rather mediocre relation, though as musicians, they are good.
C.: Ha! Metal scene? These collectives, which you have named, have the same relation to metal, as SAMHAIN to ballet. But I shall be rather glad new heavy.

S.: Imagine, that heads of factory KAMAZ have suggested to be producers of advertising clip. Except for that your faces too can there will be, and musical support will be one of songs. What plot of a clip will be, what composition will choose?

D.: We haven't any desire to make advertising for KAMAZ. And if to include in this organization in our clip (which is soon planned to be removed), only as scenery. Can to think and of a plot of total destruction in a clip of this factory - monster which every day exhausts a life from the one who is in it.
C.: SAMHAIN's not any there BORGIRs and in advertising we shall be only in advertising black features which so are necessary for visitors of this world.

S.: The small questionnaire at last:
Date of a birth:
D.: 4.02.1973.
C.: 12 year of Satan's Birth
The birthplace:
D.: Solikamsk, the Perm region.
C.: Abyss.
A sign on the zodiac:
D.: Water-leu.
C.: Scorpio.
D.: no.
C.: a guitar.
The book:
D.: U.Eko "Name of a rose".
C.: Marquis De Sad "Justine".
D.: "Godfather".
C.: "Necromantic".
D.: no.
C.: no.
D.: no.
C.: no.
he person in a history:
D.: Otton the Great.
C.: A.Crouly.
Metal Top 5:
D.: 1. SAMHAIN 'Saligia', 2. DARK FUNERAL "Diabolis In Terium", 3. MAYHEM"De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas", 4. MORBID ANGEL "Blessed Are The Sick", 5.DIABOLICUM "The Dark Blood Rising".
C.: 1. SAMHAIN, 2. MAYHEM, 3. VONDUR, 4. BEHEMOTH, 5. MORBID ANGEL.I want to be buried in ...
D.: a forest.
C.: my favourite grave.
Let on my funeral will sounds ...
D.: noise of a rain and a thunder-storm.

S.: Words of farewell and the message to fans.

D.: Whenever we'll meet in great fight of gods, and it would be better for you if it will take place shoulder to shoulder, instead of the person to the person.
C.: Hail to all adherents of our stream.


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