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How few know we here in Europe about metal-scene of South America. That's not only because of long distance, but in the south americans self. Our guest today is representative from Uruguay, man, who repeatedly faced with the laziness of local rock musicians, which don't refer to music as to profession. So, Diego Sendra...

Scorpio: Hi, Diego. Let's begin.
So, Dawn Of Defiance is one man project. But on your site iswritting 'We want to really thank...', 'We are proud of it...','We finished today the whole guitars...'. Who are WE?Who helps you, Diego?

D.: For being honest, nobody helps me out with this. The reason I use the word "WE" when refering to Dawn Of Defiance is because the so many prejudices that lies out there, within the people about one man band projects. So many people still thinks that music, speciallly rock and metal, have to be made by 4 or 5 guys, or even more, to sound COOL, or LOUD, or as a TEAM WORK, so when you tell everybody that you are all alone doing this, they start kind of thinking "Mh... he wouldn't be good, how can he plays so many instruments ? It's not possible". I often still find this kind of prejudices through the internet, between "friends", amongst all those who oppose me, and for sure, in the ignorant minds. So that's why I use the word "WE", as a shield for all those who thinks that composing and doing it all by yourself is not possible.

S: Your songs get good reviews and on mp3.com they are in thrash top10! That's a succes.What can you say about upcoming debut album?

D.:Well, I am really amazed about the sucess I am having through the whole internet, specially in the mp3.com charts. The same day "Haunted Dreams" song was uploaded within the mp3.com charts, it jumped from the #1500 position or more, just to the #21, then, in less than 5 days I was in #3 in the thrash metal rankings. The same is going on for "Summoning Death" song. I am more than grateful with people, for their incredible support, and to mp3.com for giving us this unique chance to have such a exposure. What can I say about my debut album ? I am working on it, it will contain around 8 or 9 songs, will be released in late September (subject to change), and will contain very fast 80's thrash/death songs like Summoning Death, and some other will be more 90's doom / death metal, kind of "Haunted Dreams", covering aspects such as life, death, betrayal, denied feelings, denied love, nightmares, demonic possessions, and so many more that inspires me everyday. I have 4 new songs composed ! A thing that is for sure is that I am not here to make crappy commercial shit. I am here for the most true, fucking hard, thrash / death metal, and to revive the old good days, when metal was something unique, a true underground movement. When metal was listened by headbangers and people who really felt what the fucking hell is metal about. Nowadays, almost every young child can tell you "hey I listen to metal, and I like it, it's cool. Now I also like pop". In the past decade you possibly would get an answer like "hey I listen to metal, I live for metal, I would die for it. It's the only thing I love listening to". You see, there is a major difference... between a loyal, die hard metal fan and just a damn child who listens you just because the media pressed him to do it.

S: Do yo play your nylon classical guitar also today? Just for fun?

D.:Nice question man :-) Often, some of the acoustic intros I compose, I do it with it, out, in the woods. I am not all the day with my electric guitar on my back. When starting up to compose, so many times I go out there, to an old forest, with a little piece of paper, and I write what comes to mind. For me is still a valuable instrument, and a valuable tool for writing some of my music. I don't compose every note on my electric guitar, which is a kind of a second step for me, the final one, the most important, when writing my music.

S: When you'll become famous singer and somebody want to buy it forhis collection. Will you sell it? Or your guitar is too dear foryou?

D.: Haha, never thought about it man... I don't think somebody would be interested in buying my nylon guitar, is not in a very good shape, I must admit. Anyway I don't think I would sell it too. It represents a lot for me. I started playing guitar on it when I was 5 years old, and seriously returned to it again, at the age of 18. It's a whole bunch of years, history... feelings (it also have the words Slayer, Metallica and a pentagram, carved out on it with a knife).

S: You've returned to Uruguay with your wife on the beginning of this year?You was in Europe. What countries you've visited, and whatproblems did you have? Is it better to stay in native country,than move to other?

D.:I was in Spain, (Madrid and Tenerife). What problems we've found ? That you are just like shit in Europe when you don't have papers, when you are not a legal citizen, when you are just a fucking south american guy (even Tamara and me are blonde, with blue eyes and a very white skin). It's the same for them. You are just like shit. I think a dog might have more oportunities in Europe (at least in Spain), to find a job, than an inmigrant, a "cabecita negra", as they call us. It's everything related to government seizures they impose to all of those that are not true europeans and don't have a fucking paper that allows you to work. Sure it's way better to stay in your country, even if you are facing economical problems. It's way better to be here, and to think and re think, and re invent your life everyday. As you see, we've returned back and opened an internet cafe in December, with my girlfriend. Currently, we live from that, and personally I give thanks to God everyday for letting me achieve my dreams. I wouldn't be doing music if my internet cafe wouldn't giving me a minimum income, every month, every single day.

S: What can you say about metal-scene and metal-industry in Uruguay?

D.:Metal industry in Uruguay ? Metal scene HERE ? Don't make me laugh. There is no support here for our kind of music. But is more than that, there are other things that go against the metal scene, or even the rock MUSIC scene. Here, most of the guys and bands don't take music as a REALLY SERIOUS JOB. It's more like hanging out with your friends, in the drummer garage, and having a cool weekend, rehearsing. I was in bands, I created bands. Always happened the same, I went out from every single one. Nobody really wanted to keep it serious. This is one of the main reasons that we, the uruguayan "rock" musicians can't grow up, because of the laziness in the mind and soul. They get dissapointed very fast when things don't go out as they wanted to do, or when they start up thinking "what the hell am I doing ? I won't get a cent anyway. Fuck off".

S: In Eorope few is known about South American groups, exceptSEPULTURA and SOULFLY. What other great bands are in your region?.

D.:Honestly, I don't know so much about the south american metal scene. Is because of what I've explained in the last question. Here in south america (specially in Uruguay), people don't think in music as something as the profession it is. Just to mention a few, I can mention Rata blanca, Azeroth, Alma fuerte, Malon, from Argentina. Angra, Krisium from Brazil and Legend, Castigador, Lovercraft (now disbanded), from Uruguay.

S: Do metal groups from Europe often come to South America, Uruguay?What was the last gig, you visited?

D.: Hammerfall, two years ago or so. It was very cool, even I am not anymore a power metal fan. But the guys were very cool. I remember I went out with a friend of mine to the airport, with some other metal heads, to welcome the guys. We could even spoke face to face with the Hammerfall guys. It was very cool. By the way, european bands almost doesn't waste their time visiting a so small metal scene. Do you know how many guys went to see Hammerfall when they came ? No more than 300 guys ! Do you know how many people go to see a fucking local latin music show ? They almost fill up a whole stadium of 40.000 people !!! Now, you see the difference, and the music that really counts in here.

S: You're Scorpio by Zodiac Sign, as me (15 November). In horoscope Ihad read, that Scorpios like horror, mysticism and so on... So,scorpio sign is ideal for metal music. What do you think?

D.:I think you are totally right, man. I am from 2nd. November. Yeah I love horror, mystical, spiritual things. I am very attracted to the dark side as well. And yeah, I can't imagine myself doing another kind of music. Look, when I was 8 years old I was drawing barbaric comics, I mean with medieval warriors and gladiators, and swords, and a lot of monsters and lot of blood spilling. Why do you think I was a lot attracted to heavy metal at the age of 13 and then became a passion and a philosophy of life at the age of 16 ? It was all a kind of inner, step by step process...

S: Your name can be written as Die Ego. What is in your understandingegoism? Can you call yourself the egoist? (just a little? :) )I think, no (DIE ego).

D.:Well, this question is strange. I think that yes, I am a little egoist, you are right, but I would take my name as "Die go", kind of ... "the way to death". It's just a spanish name, which I like it very much. I think that, when I was a fetus, I told my mother: "hey mom, call me Diego. It's a cool name, I like it" :-) .

S: You named Jesus - historical person. Are you devot man?

D.:I am not christian, I mean, I am not into churches and stuff like that. I fucking hate churches, priests and money seekers like them. I am into the higher thing. I believe in destiny, you know, we all have a fate, a mission to accomplish. I have a strong faith. If you really and truly believe that something is going to happen, it HAPPENS. And God is behind the whole story. I think if you really believe in God, you are more than connecting to yourself, but connecting to a higher source of energy. The highest possible. Don't get me wrong. When you deal with this, you also have to accept there is a dark side, stronger or weaker, within us all. It's your choice which way you decide to go on...

S: What do you think about satanic image of some metal bands?Are they really satanists, or it's only for crowds of metalheads?

D.:I know there is true satanism within the bands. But not only in the bands. There is satanism as a religion within so many people and cultures. There is a very underground movement supporting this scenary. Some people use this image to be "cool", to play the "bad boy" role, and possibly gaining more popularity within their friends. I think that some of the true underground black metal bands, are really deep within satanism. Mh... I doubt you continue with the same attitude when go mainstream.

S: South America is known through drugs use. Have you ever try it?What do you think about drugs, and people who use or distributes them?

D.: Well, that is no true man, since here in south america there is no big money to buy / sell drugs. I think you guys in Europe and in the USA, is where you can find a bigger market for drugs. Anyway, there is for sure local dealers within the whole south america, I can't deny you that, but I don't see it as major threat as in other coutries. And no, I've never tried, and I am not interested at all in drugs. I think I have more adrenaline, strength, and power than needed within my veins. I don't need more, it's more than enough.

S: Also South America is known through 'soap operas': 'Marianna','Isabella','Wild Angel'... Many people in CISstates, especially women like them. Do you find them stupid films,or great artworks?

D.:Honestly, I don't know anything about it, but for sure is stupid, and void, just for very old people, in the high society scenary. "Plastic people", as I use to name them.

S: You favourite sports are yoga and walking. And what aboutfootball, so popular in South America? Your players Gustavo Poyetand Alvaro Recoba play in Europe clubs, and quite succesefully.

D.:No, I am not into soccer. I never liked it so much, rather than seeing Uruguay in the world cup, and seeing the how much fast we lose any chance to go further in the cup. It's always the same story :-) .

S: What have you heard about CIS-states (post USSR states): Ukraine,Russia, Belarus?

D.:Want to know the truth ? Nothing. I don't watch TV, and honestly there is almost no info or news about your guys.

S: In what country do you dream to play?

D.: Sweden, Finland, some of the countries that comes to mind. You know, the paradise of all heavy metal, but anyway I am not so much interested in playing live. I just prefer composing, recording and promoting my music, and spreading a message within the people...

S: Last words for your fans and our readers...

D.:You know who you are ! (do you remember those words ?)... Thanks for the interview, Vladimir. And for all Dawn Of Defiance fans, I hope you still support me in the future years as you are actually doing right now. I hope you remember me when I would be dead and gone. You will have my album finished by the date of late September (subject to change), with 9, pure of raw old school thrash/death metal music! Stay heavy!

S: We'll wait for debut album! Good luck!


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