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This year workaholics from Swedish death metal band HYPOCRISY have prepeared for us new album about aliens - "The Arrival". After their experimental album "Catch 22" in 2002 musicians reinvent the glorious times of the "The Final Chapter" and "Hypocrisy". Band's leader - Peter Tägtren called from Nuclear Blast office...

Scorpio: Hello Peter! How are you doing? How have you celebrated the winter holidays?

Peter: I'm so busy now, so haven't celebrated it much.

Scorpio: So what have you prepared for your fans after "Catch 22" experiments?

Peter: New album is called "The Arrival". Musically it is like return to the "The Final Chapter" and "Hypocrisy".

Scorpio: How much time did you spend at studio?

Peter: We recorded it for a month. And the whole writing process took half a year.

Scorpio: Why do some bands spend a month or maybe more at the studio and some confine themselves to one week?

Peter:It depends on how the bands prepare for the recordings. Sometimes bands don't need much time, and sometimes groups need a lot of time, I don't know. I think it's just up for every band for themselves to decide how much time they need.

Scorpio: And money they have.

Peter:Yeah, exactly, that's too. How much they want to spend.

Scorpio: Oh, again Abyss. One of the songs on "The Arrival" is called The Abyss. Is it your favourite word?

Peter:You know, I did this song ten years ago. It only came out on a digipack like a bonus-track for like only 1000 copies. So, lot of people were asking for it and we didn't decide to put it on until this album, because it suits better this album than "Catch 22" "Into The Abyss".Peter

Scorpio: I was told that you play 7-string guitar.

Peter:Yes, sometimes. Usually live I play 6-string.

Scorpio: And was it hard to play 7-string after you played 6-string?

Peter:No, not really, because I don't need too much solos and seven-string, I think it more speedy.

Scorpio: And why did you decide to do that?

Peter:To have a 7-string?

Scorpio: Yes.

Peter:Oh, that was back in '96-'97, when it wasn't too many people, who played 7-string. It was pretty cool to do that.

Scorpio: Ex-Immortal drummer Horgh joined recently HYPOCRISY. Have you already performed or just rehearsed already together?

Peter:We haven't rehearsed yet, we gonna do it next week. But I know what he can do, you know, I've recorded three IMMORTAL albums with him on the drums. I know exactly what he can do. He's good quality and a very good guy!

Scorpio: But he was playing in a black metal band and now he plays for a death metal band.

Peter:Yes, but he can play all styles of metal, he is a very talented drummer.

Scorpio: So you think his blast beats perfect for your music.

Peter:Yeah, I think so.

Scorpio: Will Horgh perform in corpse paint?

Peter:No, no, no. We aren't in corpse paint, so…

Scorpio: Now about your cover. Is it HYPOCRISY from Alpha Centauri?

Peter:Yeah, yeah, for sure! He-he!

Scorpio: Have you already planned the tour to support the new album?

Peter:We gonna go with CANNIBAL CORPSE to America. And then we gonna go to South America, Europe to No Mercy festival. And then we go to Russia, actually, to Moscow, one gig.

Scorpio: And what about other Russia, Ukraine and Belarus?

Peter:I don't know yet if we have anything. I mean this time we want to go everywhere, we haven't been before. It all depends on local promoters, booking agencies and stuff like that, they have to contact our manager.

Scorpio: You always have been signed to Nuclear Blast. Have you ever thought about the changes, contracts with other labels?

Peter:No, not really. We work very nice together. There are no thoughts about the changes.

Scorpio: What are the last news of your own project PAIN?

Peter:I'm working on a new album, I think the single will be released in May or June and then the album in September.

Scorpio: You did a cover song for THE BEATLES's Eleanor Rigby on last PAIN's album. Are you a big BEATLES fan?

Peter:Yeah! I've got most of the albums with them. You know, I was brought up on THE BEATLES, when I was a kid.

Scorpio: And what are your fave bands?

Peter: I would say KISS still. I also like a lot of other stuff. I am a big collector of KISS merchandising stuff, since 25 years ago, you know.

Scorpio: And how do you think what is the best album of previous years?

Peter: Uh, I don't know, maybe the first DEICIDE album, first MORBID album.

Scorpio: One of the main themes of your lyrics is paranormal activity. Why is it so interesting for you?

Peter: It sensenates me and it's a picturing topic then any other death metal bands use. And it's interesting for me, space, aliens and all such stuff.

Scorpio: And since what time?

Peter: Since I was a kid, since "Star Track" in 70's and stuff like that. I was always interested in paranormal activity.

Scorpio: Do you collect articles from newspapers about flying sauces?

Peter: No. But I see a lot of documentary and read books about that.

Scorpio: Do you dream to meet an alien someday?

Peter: Oh, I don't know if there is any? But, of course, you know!

Scorpio: What is your fave film?

Peter: I think "Fire In The Sky". The cool film.

Scorpio: And do you want to act one day in a sci-fi movie?

Peter: Actually to be in a movie in total, work a little bit more with the films stuff.

Scorpio: And do you often read books?

Peter: Not so much, but I try. I'm not really a book-reader.

Scorpio: And what books?

Peter: Usually documentaries about bands and stuff like that.

Scorpio: Now I will name some bands from Sweden and you will say some words, OK?

Peter: OK.

Scorpio: IN FLAMES

Peter: Pretty good.


Peter: Haven't heard too much, I can't really say.


Peter: Very good musicians.

Scorpio: And what can you say about their girl-growler Angela?

Peter: I think it's pretty cool, what she does!

Scorpio: You know, it was quite an embarrassment to know that a girls sings on "Wages Of Sin" album.

Peter: Yeah, heh.

Scorpio: MARDUK

Peter: Very good friends.


Peter: Also very good friends.

Scorpio: So, you're better friends with black metal bands.

Peter: Yeah, but we are also good friends with IN FLAMES.

Scorpio: TIAMAT

Peter: Also good friends with, really cool guys.


Scorpio: And do you know something about Russia, Ukraine, Belarus?

Peter: Not too much, to be honest, because we never been there playing before, but we really want to go there, where we never played before, you know. I mean, we gonna play in Russia and they we'll try to get more gigs around in the East Europe.

Scorpio: But maybe you know something from the TV, newspapers.

Peter: Uh, me… me and news. I don't have a time to watch news. I'm just totally into the music.

Scorpio: And do you know some Russian words?

Peter: Pravda! (Truth! - auth.)

Scorpio: And what is your favourite Swedish word?

Peter: Kük.

Scorpio: And what does it mean?

Peter: Dick. Ha-ha-ha!

Scorpio: Ha-ha! So another thing after music is sex for you, yeah?

Peter: Yeah, ha-ha!

Scorpio: And how is it with your son?

Peter: Oh, very good! He's five and half years old now and he's really cool guy!

Scorpio: Is he metal fan?

Peter: Yeah, of course. He likes all kind of music, but mostly metal.

Scorpio: He has such a father!

Peter: Yeah, heh!

Scorpio: And what about alcohol?

Peter: Er… Vodka.

Scorpio: Oh, let's do my favourite drinks questionary.

Peter: What? What have I to do?

Scorpio: I will name the drinks and you will say if you like it or so.

Peter: Oh, OK. Cool.

Scorpio: Water.

Peter: You need it, heh.

Scorpio: Milk.

Peter: Milk is good!

Scorpio: And do you often drink milk?

Peter: Yeah!

Scorpio: Next, coffee.

Peter: Coffee is good too, to awake.

Scorpio: Coca-Cola.

Peter: Gives your holes in your teeth.

Scorpio: Beer.

Peter: You get fat, he-he. And you get to piss a lot, he-he.

Scorpio: Heh, but you drink of course beer.

Peter: Yes, I drink some beer, but I rather drink vodka or rum.

Scorpio: Wine.

Peter: It's pretty good, you get a little buzz. Not too much, maybe couple of bottles, but not to get fucked up on.

Scorpio: Champagne.

Peter: Eh, no. Pussy drink.

Scorpio: But it's traditionally for New Year.

Peter: Yeah, for New Year, you know, I have a couple of sips and then I go back to my vodka.

Scorpio: Whiskey.

Peter: Whiskey is OK, but I get such a hangover, heh.

Scorpio: Vodka.

Peter: Makes the world go around!

Scorpio: Next, samogon. Do you know what is it?

Peter: What is it?

Scorpio: Samogon.

Peter: No.

Scorpio: It's our traditional home-brew. It's about 60 degrees. People make it in villages.

Peter: Oh, to get warm.

Scorpio: Aha, during the cold winter nights, he-he.

Peter: Yeah, yeah. Ha-ha! Cool!

Scorpio: Please tell us a tour story.

Peter: Oh, it's always crazy. Anything from playing underwear to picking or waking up, have naked. There is always crazy staff happening, you know.

Scorpio: Maybe you play jokes on your band mates?

Peter: Yeah, sometimes we put some soap on the floor, so he they can't move anywhere on stage. We pour honey, and they stick to the floor, heh.

Scorpio: And maybe you throw away somebody's shoes?

Peter: No, but sometimes we drink out of the shoes.

Scorpio: When you have no glasses?

Peter: Yeah, I mean me and Silenoz from DIMMU BORGIR drank once from my Adidas shoes. All were fucked up! He-he!

Scorpio: Heh, and how did it smell?

Peter: Oh, I don't know, we were drinking so strong, we didn't have any taste feelings, he-he-he!

Scorpio: Heh, so you weren't scared about that.

Peter: No, no. It was my shoe he should be scared, he-he!

Scorpio: Heh, yeah! And since what time have you been into metal music?

Peter: I mean, from the beginning, when it started. I mean from LED ZEPPELIN to what it is today.

Scorpio: And what about your studio Abyss?

Peter: I'm doing not too much stuff there now, because I'm so busy. Touring and working on PAIN and HYPOCRISY. It takes most of time. I will do more albums in the future, but right now the only thing I have MARDUK and DISSECTION.

Scorpio: What music do you listen to?

Peter: I listen to all kind of music, from BEATLES to black metal.

Scorpio: And do you like the music when musicians mix different styles of music from ambient to black metal.

Peter: It depends on how you do it. Sometimes you do it wrong it sounds like shit, but if you do it right it will sound good, I think.

Scorpio: Have you other projects except PAIN?

Peter: No, no other projects right now.

Scorpio: And maybe you want to create a new project?

Peter: No, not right now. I'm so busy now, so don't have time for any other projects.

Scorpio: But maybe there are any ideas?

Peter: No, not yet. I've been so busy last years, haven't even thought about it.

Scorpio: Do you remember a moment in your life, when you were so frightened?

Peter: No, not really, to be honest. I am usually not very scared. I don't know.

Scorpio: Maybe when you were a kid, you were scared of monsters, darkness?

Peter: No, the only thing I was scared was the dentist.

Scorpio: Did you have the bad teeth?

Peter: No, but I just didn't like to go to the dentist.

Scorpio: Imagine, that you have got a time machine and can go whenever and wherever you wish. What will be your choose?

Peter: I would be Elvis Presley.

Scorpio: Want you also to die as Elvis?

Peter: No, not really, heh.

Scorpio: To have his fame?

Peter: Not especially. He was a very good singer, I admire him a lot.

Scorpio: We also can call him grandgrandfather of metal music, heh.

Peter: Yeah, heh!

Scorpio: Have you ever received an electric shock?

Peter: Yeah, I have. When I was a kid, I stuck my fingers into the outlet and it kicked my ass.

Scorpio: Heh, and how was the feeling?

Peter: Oh, It wasn't good, 'cause my hand was whole black.

Scorpio: Oho!

Peter: Yeah, it was very bad, you know.

Scorpio: And what about your hair?

PeterPeter: My hair? No it was still there, he-he!

Scorpio: He-he. And did you wear long hair at that time?

Peter: I think, I had long hair all my life, since I was a kid. I cut it off only once, I think.

Scorpio: Were you an obedient boy?

Peter: Obedient? I was a crazy guy, fighting with everybody, you know.

Scorpio: And did you have problems at school?

Peter: Yeah, I did!

Scorpio: Did you fight because of your musical tastes?

Peter: No, it was just about everything, fighting about everything.

Scorpio: Fighting for no reason.

Peter: Yeah, but it changed a lot, since I grew up.

Scorpio: Who is a better vocalist, Chris Burnes or Dany Filth?

Peter: I don't know, Chris Burnes maybe.

Scorpio: And do you think long hair is important for metal musicians?

Peter: No, not really. It's not the hair, it's in your heart.

Scorpio: The same with corpse paint, yeah?

Peter: Yeah, the same, I think. It's all in the heart.

Scorpio: Some bands are looking funny with painted faces, chains, axes.

Peter: Yeah, but some bands look good also.

Scorpio: Do you want to become a metal star, or you think you are already a metal star?

Peter: No, I'm happy what I am.

Scorpio: Your future plans.

Peter: Touring a lot and trying to visit every country, we have never been before.

Scorpio: Last words.

Peter: Hope everybody enjoys the album, hopefully we'll come to your country and play, and people can check out.

Scorpio: Thank you for the answers, Peter!

Peter: Thank you for the interview!

Scorpio: Bye!

Peter: Bye!


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