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EKTOMORF, as I know, is the first group from the Eastern Europe, which is signed to well known German label Nuclear Blast. The bands is already known not only in native Hungary. This success is the result of hard 10 years work. The reason, why we talked to EKTOMORF vocalist - Zoltan Farkas - release of their new album "Destroy".

Scorpio: You've recently signed to Nuclear Blast. I think, you're the only band from Eastern Europe, which signed a deal with this label. How did you manage to do that?

Zoltan: I will tell you the story. We played on 2002 at Summerbreeze festival in Germany, and there was Nuclear Blast club too, because PRO-PAIN and some other Nuclear Blast bands performed there. In the end of that year my band was almost split up and I heard from my ex-manager, that Nuclear Blast is interested in EKTOMORF. And I called them, they were happy and I was happy too, because they were happy. Then we met and signed a deal.

Scorpio: And now you have prepared your new album "Destroy".

Zoltan: Yes.

Scorpio: And what can you say about the music on your new effort?

Zoltan: Everyone say that we are influenced by such bands as SEPULTURA and SOULFLY. And I don't want to lie, because my favourite musician is Max Cavalera from SOULFLY and ex-SEPULTURA. But EKTOMORF was never a copy. We just worked in the same way like SEPULTURA, so you can hear the influence of SEPULTURA or SOULFLY, but our music is different. Especially now we have really our own sound.

Scorpio: And I've read that you add some folk elements to your music.

Zoltan: Yes, gypsy, because I'm am a half-gypsy. My father is real gypsy and my mother is Hungarian, so I am a half-blood. I just was really interested by my roots and I listen to this kind of music. On our album "Kalyi Jag" you can hear a lot of gypsy elements. Now we also use the gypsy stuff but not so much.

Scorpio: What are your songs about?


Zoltan: You know, I wrote every song on the "Destroy". The songs are about the feelings, that you feel everyday, about love or anger, disappointment, or just something that fuck up you. My music is about feelings. I really out in music all my emotions.

Scorpio: Let's speak about the all tracks from "Destroy". So, first is I Know Them.

Zoltan: OK. I Know Them is about the feelings, when you're set up with the fucking people, which say "Hey, I am your best friend, man, I'll do everything for you.", when we are together, but when we really need this kind of person, they're just gone like a fog, you know. Song is about this. And I know them, because now I am in a thousand kilometer and can "see" this kind of people. And it's better whey they go away, because I don't need such kind of "friends", who just say, that they are friends, but they're fucking not the friends.

Scorpio: Sad but true…

Zoltan: Yes, sad but true.

Scorpio: Next, Destroy.

Zoltan: It's about things… You, know, when you're sitting in the front of television and see this kind of people, which want to serve for you everything in the world, cheap shit and they want to change your image. If you have your own image, they say: "Hey man, it is not good. You need to go on the way like everyone does and you need to be the same like your neighbors". And I'm really sick of them and I really don't want more from them, so Destroy. I go ahead, because I have my own way and they cannot buy me, for sure.

Scorpio: Gypsy.

Zoltan: Gypsy is about me. If you are gypsy in Hungary, you have a lot fucken discrimination. I think it's in every country, but in Hungary if you are gypsy, you get a lot of shit. And when I was a child, I always got it, you know, in kindergarten and in the school and after. When I head a girlfriend, and girlfriend introduced me to her parents, they said "Oh, a nice guy.", but when they had gone to the kitchen to bring some food, I heard from the kitchen like "My daughter, you cannot bring this guy anymore here.", like this. This is so fucked up. And when I was a worker in the butcher place, because I was butcher for a time. I got a lot of discrimination. They said you didn't get brown in the sunshine. One time they wanted to pain m in white. So, "Gypsy" is about me, about what I get in Hungary because I am gypsy.

Scorpio: No Compromise.

Zoltan: I have my own way, and there are people, who say "I know that you do it, and you rally cool do it. But if you will do it forward, for example performing the music, you will get much". No Compromise, because I do my way how I want, and no one can tell me how.

Scorpio: Everything

Zoltan: It's about our former manager. He really fucked up me and the whole band. He always said "You know guys, you have no money anymore, and he had it". When you do something shit, you get it back. If you do something good, you will get it back.

Scorpio: From Far Away.

Zoltan: This is strange. We played in Germany, on festival, we were jaming on the stage between two songs, and suddenly I thought: "I come from nothing, I come from nothing". And that is about us, EKTOMORF, 'cause we are from nothing, and you also, the guys who like this kind of music. But in the people eyes we are like nobody.

Scorpio: Painful But True.

Zoltan: Painful But True is also about everything, it's also about my ex-manager. I talked about the friendship, with that guy I was really like with brother, I really followed him, I really believed in him. And one day everything had broken down. And it's painful but true.

Scorpio: Next one is Only God.

Zoltan: It's about the kind of people like you and me you know. We like this music and we have long hair or different cloths. We walk on the street and the people say behind your back or maybe middle of your face like: "How do you look! You look like shit!", you know. That's about everyone can think everything, only God can judge us, 'cause we all are humans with blood in our veins.

Scorpio: You Are My Shelter

Zoltan: This is the love song. I devoted it to my girlfriend, because I really love her, and she's first in my life, who really understands me with all my stuff you know. I am musician and I'm all the time on road and I'm not an easy person. She understands me and this is really cool and she's my shelter.

Scorpio: A.E.A.

Zoltan: It's such a hardcore song. This song I get when I was on the stage, I cannot remember when and where, so I was watching the people and said :"A.E.A. It's me!". When I'm on the stage I see the faces of people, they are aggressive but in the good way. It's a good gig song!

Scorpio: Next From My Heart.

Zoltan: From My Heart it is also personal song. I wrote it when I had to leave my girlfriend in Holland, Amsterdam. It's a song about feelings when you are in a such of a beautiful pain.

Scorpio: And the last Tear Apart.


Zoltan: It's about Hungary. When I lived in Amsterdam for a one year and I also lived in Germany I really saw the difference between Hungary and this kind of countries. They of course also have poor people, but difference is that they can still live normal, but in Hungary if you have no money this mean that you are fucking poor, you are really fucking poor. You have no money to buy a bread or something like this, the basic things.

Scorpio: And what can you say about the differencies between people from Holland, Germany and Hungarian?

Zoltan: The mentality is everywhere different, you know. German people are really work persons, but they have a lot of fun of course. They really know what they want to do, you know. Holland people are bit more pective, more relax, but they also can work hard for the money and for the everything. And Hungary is so fucked up, You can buy here almost everything for the money, because everything here is for sell. But people don't have much money for all that things, and that that makes the people agressive, some of them go on robbery. They're depressed.

Scorpio: I saw the photos of you together with members of SOULFLY.

Zoltan: Yes, it was in 2000 in Austria, gig of their Primitive tour. I just had a luck to meet with Mike, SOULFLY guitarist and with their drummer. I made the picture, which we put on the old website.

Scorpio: And what about the new website? It's not a lot of materials there.

Zoltan: New website is very fresh, that's why. And in the next few weeks I and my manager will work on it, and it will be quite full, with a lot of stuff.

Scorpio: And what were your impressions of meeting SOULFLY participants?

Zoltan: It was really cool, you know, but it wasn't a big meeting, it was just one second: we made the picture and they left. With Max I didn't meet, because with him you cannot meet, if you are fan, maybe you have a chance because you are writer in a magazine. Max Cavalera is real idol for me. I like SOULFLY, I liked SEPULTURA, but without Max it is not SEPULTURA.

Scorpio: So, we can say, that you dream to perform on one stage with Max.

Zoltan: It's would be my dream, yes, yes! It would be cool! If it would happen, I think I fall down. That would be really great.

Scorpio: So, try hard!

Zoltan: Yeah, thank you. Maybe in the future. You never know, maybe it can happen. And then I hope you will be there, man!

Scorpio: Tell please some moments from the band's life.

Zoltan: We started the band in 1993, me and my brother, he's the bassist in the band and I'm guitar/singer. But the time was always change, drummer change and the guitarists changed hundred times. But I think currently line-up will be for a long time, I hope.

Scorpio: We don't know much about the Hungarian metal scene, so can you tell me about it?

Zoltan: You know, chance to make something big it's not in Hungary. Because Hungary is a fucken small country and there is really small fan club, you know. There are only 5 or 6 thousand people, who are into this music, maybe more, maybe more. But there is also one band in Hungary, a punk rock band, it's called BANKRUPT. They are really famous. If they play somewhere, there are 2 or 3 thousand people always. There are also heavy metal bands, REPLICA for example. I don't know if their names tell you something, but they are famous there. Our country is such a poor, there are no really good clubs, maybe 2 or 3 clubs in the country, but the fans are really cool. If they go to the gig, they are crazy! I heard that Russian guys are really cool at the gigs, they also go crazy, is it true?

Scorpio: Yeah!

Zoltan: I would like to play there.

Scorpio: You also have a brother, Csaba.

Zoltan: Yep.

Scorpio: Do you fight often?

Zoltan: Fight? I think it's normally. I think, when you are in the band and when you're going on tour and even everyday we fight but at the end we always make a peace.

Scorpio: And what about games together, football?

Zoltan: I do sports. I use to run, make some exercise stuff, but such kind of sport like football we don't really do. My brother, Csaba, he did. He was in the football club for one year, and I also, when I was 12 or 13, so it was long time ago.

Scorpio: Your guitarist, Tomas Shrottner. Does he have Austrian root?

Zoltan: I don't think so, he's a real Hungarian. But maybe, because our country is near to Austria.

Scorpio: What can you say about your school years?

Zoltan FarkasZoltan: School years, heh. I was a fucking bad pupil. The teachers hated me, because I never followed them, you know. But I really liked History, Grammar, but Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry I hated. I was fired from the school two times. I the end finally I had the paper from the school but my father… My father always told me: "You need to go to school". I was not really good at school. I hated school. I was thinking all the time about music, and, you know, when I was in the school I was wearing typical metal clothes. Really stretch cloth and jacket with a lot of stuff like SODOM, KREATOR and with skulls, long hair and rings with skulls and they did not like me at all. I was really bad in the school.

Scorpio: And what did teachers say you about your cloths, skull-rings?

Zoltan: That I cannot wear them, really. One time, man, they sent me from the school. I just got the METALLICA album and on their picture I saw, that James had his pants cut on knees. And I did the same with my new jeans. I went to school, of course with skulls and everything, and teacher said: "You cannot come to school like this, you have to go back". I just said "OK". I fucked them and I went to instrument shop and played guitar the whole fucking day.

Scorpio: So you have the problems because you liked metal music.

Zoltan: Yeah. I was really separated at school. They didn't like me. I think, everyone, who is into the metal music has such kind of discrimination at school, because you're different, loving this music. But it's cool, I think.

Scorpio: And what about Csaba?

Zoltan: He was like me, but he was a big polite. He was a good pupil. He get the school paper right, at the first time, and he wasn't ever fired from school. And also my parents always said "If you want to have a good example, this is your brother".

Scorpio: Is he older than you?

Zoltan: No, I'm in one year older. I'm 28, and my brother is 27.

Scorpio: I asked, because usually the elder brothers are good at school and younger not very much.

Zoltan: No, in our case it's different, 'cause I was really shit and he was really cool.

Scorpio: What last CDs have you bought?

Zoltan: It was MACHIENE HEAD, new album. And it's really great. I like it.

Scorpio: Are you mostly in industrial metal?

Zoltan: Yes.

Scorpio: And what about RAMMSTEIN?

Zoltan: They have a really cool songs and they have really power music, but it's not really my style.

Scorpio: And what do you think is the best album of last year?

Zoltan: Huh, really hard question. For me… for me… I don't know, er… Maybe IRON MAIDEN last album. Because they come with something really cool.

Scorpio: Oh, you know, I'm also a big fan of IRON MAIDEN.

Zoltan: Really?

Scorpio: I think the first real metal album I heard was by IRON MAIDE.

Zoltan: For me too! It was "Powerslave", it was really cool.

Scorpio: And for me it was "Virtual XI". You know, I'm younger than you.

Zoltan: How old are you?

Scorpio: I'm 18.

Zoltan: 18?!

Scorpio: Yeah.

Zoltan: Oh man, you are fucking young. I heard that in your voice, you know. But I thought that you are like maybe 20-22. And you are really young. I hope, Vladimir, that we will meet soon! Maybe in Russia, it would be very-very great. Or you can one day go here, to Germany to our show.

Scorpio: Don't know, but maybe. Will see. Never say never!

Zoltan: Yes, never say never, you are right.

Scorpio: And do you like to read books?

Zoltan: I like, but I'm not a kind of person who can sit and relax. You know, when you read book, you should sit, put on the lamp and relax. And I'm not really like this, I like more to listen to the music or just play the guitar, or just hang out a bit. And when I read books, I read something like Stephen King.

Scorpio: And what about computer and video games?

Zoltan: Playstation. Not very often, but when I play games it's Playstation.

Scorpio: And what games?

Zoltan: Huh, everything, I have no favourites, but more fights. This kind of games I like.

Scorpio: What can you say about the nature of your country?

Zoltan: It's nice. It's quite flat, there are no mountains. And when it's summer or spring, or autumn, because these three are my fave seasons, I hate winter, it's really nice here. Especially in autumn. Really-really nice. Hungary is not so famous of its nature, but I like it, because I was born here.

Scorpio: And what city are you from?

Zoltan: I will say, but you will not understand. It's called Mezekova Chazo (don't know if it's 100% correct - auth.).

Scorpio: Maybe I will find it on the map.

Zoltan: It's in the East, and it's a very little town, just 7.000 people. So, really small town.

Scorpio: You said, that you are interested in the history.

Zoltan: Yes, but not very deep. It was the only subject I liked at school. It was the only which could catch my interest.

Scorpio: And do you know something about Elizabeth Bathory?

Zoltan: No, not really.

Scorpio: It's mostly interesting for black metal bands. She was a daughter of Polish duke. Once she gathered many young girls and took a bath in their blood.

Zoltan: Huh.

Scorpio: Yeah, horror stuff.

Zoltan: You know, I don't like black metal, because for me it's too bloody, too bleeding. I give a respect for the musicians, who do it, and people who like black metal, but I'm not into black metal.

Scorpio: And what about other metal styles? Death metal?

Zoltan: Death metal is cool, is more near for me, but the nearest to me is hardcore.

Scorpio: Hardcore, thrashcore…


Zoltan: Yeas, hardcore, thrashcore. Punk also. But also heavy metal like IRON MAIDEN. An death metal - CANNIBAL CORPSE are really great. DEATH, early DEATH was really cool.

Scorpio: And what do you know about my country?

Zoltan: When I was the young child, I learned your language. And I can speak something if you want. I can say "Ya zhivu v gorode."(I live in the city - auth). Have I said it good?

Scorpio: Yeah, cool!

Zoltan: And this is stupid, but I know this word - "zaychik-pobegaychik" (hare from tales - auth.), he-he. And I know that your country is really big, beautiful. And there are a lot of metal fans. I was never there, but I want to visit it. And when you have the winter it is fucking cold. Right?

Scorpio: Yeah, but you are talking about Russia.

Zoltan: Yes.

Scorpio: And I'm living in Ukraine.

Zoltan: Oh, sorry. We call it here Ukraina.

Scorpio: Yes, yes.

Zoltan: First what I know about your country is mafia. Here in Hungary Ukrainian mafia is really hard. Like Hungary you are not the very rich country.

Scorpio: Yes, and it is said, that many Ukrainians go to Spain, Portugal, Italy to work.

Zoltan: The same as in Hungary. Our people work in Germany, or more far, like America or Switzerland, because there they have much more chances for earning the money.

Scorpio: You know, there is a one guy from my city, who works in Microsoft.

Zoltan: Cool, it's really cool. He has a big future with that.

Scorpio: Yes, he's one of the best programmists there. What are your dreams and plans for future?

Zoltan: Earn my money with the music. Live a normal life. To get so much places and play there as we can.

Scorpio: Last words for our readers and your fans.

Zoltan: Always believe in yourself.

Scorpio: Thank you for interview will say goodbye.

Zoltan: And thank you too.

Scorpio: Maybe you know how is it "Goodbye" in Russian?

Zoltan: I knew it, er… How it, man? Er… No, help me, please, I forget.

Scorpio: Do svidaniya.

Zoltan: Oh, do svidanya, yes. So, do svidanya, Vladimir!


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