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With the bassist of Russian black/death group MIND ECLIPSE from Yaroslavl we've contacded via e-mail. Few days later I've sent the quastions, and Xarfax answered in a day. I have to tell, that new album of band was released on 25th of March this year. By the hot tracks I've interviewed good musician and frank fellow.

Scorpio: Congratulations with the release of new album!I hope to listen to it in the nearest future.

X.:Thanks! We set our hopes on "Chaos Chronicles" and think, that it will rise us to higher standard.

S.: Do you like the sound of album?

X.:Yes. Arcadiy from Navaho Hut have done perfect and highprofessional work in engineering. Particularly, if taking into consideration that recorded material was not of the best quality (we've recorded it in Check Sound studio in Yaroslavl). If we began to work with Arcadiy from the very beginning, all will be more qualitative. We will do so with the third album.

Chaos CroniclesS.: What's "freshy" edition?

X.:Primal edition - 1000 copies. But it will be printed more and more, that depends on how our fans will buy it.

S.: Why album was released on two labels at the same time?

X.:At first we arranged with More Hate about publication. But then our friend Anton from Yaroslavl, which opened recently own label Wroth Emitter Production, also wanted to print our album. He talked to Alex Kantemirov from More Hate and they decided to publicate joint release, dividing expenditures half to half. Now, both labels will distribute cd. More Hate mainly in foreign market, and Wroth Emitter - in CIS-states.

S.: Did you have any problems with labels?

X.:No, quite the reverse. It was profitable for Alex, because he had to pay less for first edition. However, to print more copies later is cheaper than primal release. Thats why, we published it a month earlier, as planned before.

S.: Your album just released, but you're already working on the new material.How can you explain such creative raising?

X.:Just many materials have collected, some songs were created a year ago, we declined some things, because they don't correspond to our today's mentality. We want to record material till it is actual, till it's fresh. I can say, that almost all songs for new album are written. We plan to record it in autumn this year in Moscow in Navaho Hut studio. Our new music will have more death, speed and agressive charachter. The songs will be shorter, but more intensive, they will have more over thinked and complex structure. It will be music not for one time to listen. On the upcoming gigs in St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl and Bulgaria we will play three absolutely new things.

S.: Why did you decide to use only English textes?Have you got plans to record some Russianspoken songs?

X.:We are oriented not only on Russian, also on foreign fans. And on west standart is english lyric. I agree, that textes on Russian can rise the popularity of band in CIS-states, as it was by Catharsis with their last album "Имаго" ("Imago"). But we don't plan anything in this way.

S.: How did idea of name Mind Eclipse appeare, and what does it mean?

X.:Name proposed former vocalist and the author of all lyrics Teufel Blodhorn. We choosed it, because it does not obliges to something. There is song "Mind Eclipse" on our first album "In The Light Of Eclipse Coming". There goes about a death of humanity because of global craze. Then this theme quite often sounds in our songs. Look at people around you - have you ever thought, that the main part of them were born with brain eclipse in their heads? Or there is nothing to eclipse because of lack of brain?

S.: Themes of your songs are various. Have you got a plan to make conceptual work?

X.:All our lyrics are dedicated almost a one theme - "Armageddon, made by people". On the third album Teufel (he writes textes for us as before) will continue to develope this theme. Some songs will be bind by joint topic, supplement content of each other.

S.: Why did you decide to change the design of your logotype?

X.:We wanted to make it more intelligible and readable. We've not refused from old logo. You see, it just didn't correspond to musical conception of the album.

S.: How do you think, what part in distribution of group, especially young, plays Internet today.Xarfax

X.:The main merit of global network - operativity, large speed of information transmission. I consider, each band have to have its website, where it can put information about the musicians, albums, photos, lyrics, mp3-samples and so on. I contacts to large number of people, using Internet and e-mail. I can say, that network helped and staying to help us.

S.: It will be interesting to get to know abot work or study places of Mind Eclipse's members.

X.:OK. I study the last year in local university, work parallely in club "Partizan", organising concerts. Guitarist Master M. - economist on big factory, Sid Dharta repairs computer technick and studies on the same department as me. Vocalist Velingor works as manager. And only drummer Battlefield is professional musician - he plays in some local orchestras, also learns in conservatoire and brings up a daughter. I can not imagine, how is he in time for all...

S.: What are the occupations of collective's members?

X.:The main occupation of all - music. We don't have time for something other, however we work and study. For example, I don't watch TV, read newspapers, I spend much time at the PC and of course bass-guitar. Sometimes I read a good book or see interesting film. Also we like to drink beer and to talk to good friends.

S.: Give your opinion of developing of metal music in CIS-states?

X.:Now it's better, than in the end of XX century... Our bands get to Western market, mailnly thanks to digital communications. Many great and goal-directed collectives arises, and medieval quality of recording became higher. Tendencies are positive!

S.: What do you think about audio pirates?

X.:Heh, I write CD-R myself. Pirates are of course bad guys, they steal bands' money. But othersides, pirates publishing of your albums, tells about your popularity, they rises popularity of group. I think, that till people in our country will not earn good money and buy 'native' cds, pirateship will not die.

S.: What can you say about such expressions: "Underground - it's cool! CradleOf Filth - venal sucks. True Black - it's real, and anyposers - disgrace of metal music"?

X.:Notfarsighted bullshit! Such bands as Cradle Of Filth distribute metal in masses and make rows of metallists wider. Every normal group attempts to developing, it's necessary to go always forward. However, if you stop because of "true - not true", why did you starded the work? Famous bands consists of good musicians, devoted their affair, made great work for their band. In such way these collectives become popular.

S.: Is gig in Bulgaria in april this year first Mind Eclipse's concert out of Russia?

X.:Yes, it's first, and I hope, not the last.

S.: Let me know, when you'll go to Sofia from Moscow by train. It goesthrough Chernivtsi! Let's meet and speak.

X.:No problem.

Mind Eclipse
S.: With which famous bands you want to play on one stage?

X.:Play with Emperor and die! But Emperor have already died itself and now this dream will never come true. ;) Other dream company is Morbid Angel, Zyklon, Satyricon, Immortal, Mayhem, Nile, Dimmu Borgir, Vader and Hate Eternal. Behemoth abolished their Russian tour and so, we will not play with them in Yaroslavl, as planned. We like this group.

S.: And at the end few words for our readers.

X.:Support Russian metal! Be honest to yourself!

S.: Thank you for the intervew! Succes to Mind Eclipse!

X.:Thanks to you too...


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