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A "Book Of Illusions" trilogy by one this USA-based one-man project got great feedback worldwide. All underground world of the planet wondered how did ~ the Vle ~ manage to create such beautiful music, nobody can determine the syle of this music, so they write many style: from black metal to darkwave. How does ~ the Vle ~ manage to create so many-sided music and where does it come from? Read about this in our interview...

Scorpio: So, introduce yourself, your project VLE, history of VLE.

~ the Vle ~: I'm just a lone soul; making some noise… So as the story goes, one day a friend of mine heard a few of my songs and encouraged me to let others hear it. It wasn't until many years later one night in the summer of 2001 while feeling bored and curious that I decided to put a song up on MP3.com. After receiving a lot of positive feedback and requests for more music, VLE was finally realized. So, everything happened and continues to go along as I receive energy from the people.~ the Vle ~

Scorpio: What does your pseudonym and project name mean?

~ the Vle ~: The letters VLE are taken from the phrase the eViL onE. Unfortunately, I have come across many frightened people that like to judge me. They see me as this evil dark individual... and for a while I started to believe this myself. I began signing then end of my letters with ~the eViL onE~ as a sort of sarcastic mocking. So when I first released this music I decided that I would just refer to myself as ~the VLE~ and called the project VLE. The music is just a reflection of this misinterpretation… the illusion as seen through eyes of the flesh. In the end, VLE is just a Virtual Listening Experience, nothing more.

Scorpio: Why did you decide to compose your own music? When did it start?

~ the Vle ~: Many years ago when I bought my first guitar I began composing my own music. I never took any guitar lessons, so I just tried to make the sounds that were pleasing to my ears. I listened to some bands and tried to play along, but would always get bored trying to learn other peoples music. So from the beginning I tried to write my own music because it was the most pleasurable experience for me.

Scorpio: Your last album "Book Of Illusions: Chapter III" got great reviewsworldwide. Did you suppose such success?

~ the Vle ~: No. I was very shocked by it… I still am. It's very comforting to know that others can look beyond the shitty production and find something within the music. I always thought it almost impossible to get through to people without the glamour and glitz… especially living here in the US. I find that within the realm of music I am most honest, at peace and free. So when I received all this positive feedback, I did almost not believe it. I mean, it was through this initial positive feedback from the people that I decided to release more and more music and put it on CD. I would have never done this… not with the way the recordings sounded. I think I am more of a perfectionist, so for me I cannot really listen to the music too much without picking out all the "wrong" things, but I suppose that is what makes it so special… all the truth is there. There is no sugar and spice… just raw expression. And there are tears as well because I have been through some crazy shit with people dying all around me… I think the people can feel this. So, for me I am happy when I hear from people that say the music helped them get though some tough times in their lives or inspired them to create music… this is the ultimate for me and makes life on this planet just a bit more bearable.

Scorpio: How do you manage to create so many-sided music? Where does it come from?

~ the Vle ~: I don't know… I really don't understand how I create; I just know that it is something that I have to do. I do not try to concentrate on any one sound. I love all kinds of music and possess a fantastically endless imagination… maybe that has a lot to do with the way I approach things musically. VLE music represents the challenging terrain that's developed in the emotional landscape of my life and exists as a vehicle for my own self expression.

Scorpio: What do you imagine during the composing process?

Book Of Illusions: I & II~ the Vle ~: Basically I'm trying to get some release through the sounds I put together, so during the composing process I'm thinking mostly about nothing and everything… when I've finished a piece, then I feel more calm and focused.

Scorpio: All three Chapters begin with track Kano. Explain the idea please.

~ the Vle ~: Kano is the torch… the candle to light the way through the darkness. It is the way towards opening up the mind, body and soul to knowledge by the joining of opposite elements for the creation of new ideas. So, Kano marks the beginning and the end.

Scorpio: Last song on "Book Of Illusions: Chapter III" entitled as I WillReturn... 822. Does it mean that you prepare "Book Of Illusions:Chapter IV"? Your plans for future?

~ the Vle ~: No, my song titles are never that transparent. The Book of Illusions Trilogy is complete. I have no plans, only hopes and dreams. I hope to release more music as I continue to dream of my death.

Scorpio: What does this number "822" mean?

~ the Vle ~: It is a burial plot number.

Scorpio: Who is the artist of wonderful cover pictures?

~ the Vle ~: Christophe Vacher. You can see more of his work here: http://www.vacher.com

Scorpio: Do you often listen to your music?

~ the Vle ~: No, I can't say that I do. I don't listen often to any one kind of music because I am always in search of variety.

Scorpio: What music do you like? What was last listened album?

Book Of Illusions: III~ the Vle ~: I like anything that moves me. Greyswan "Thought-Tormented Minds".

Scorpio: Who, do you think, is a godfather of such styles as darkwave/ambient?

~ the Vle ~: I'm sorry but I really couldn't say because I don't know much about the darkwave/ambient style of music or the artists. I am sure I have heard some music by ambient artists, but I couldn't tell you who they are. I know my music gets put into many different genres, but the truth is I don't really follow the darkwave/ambient style. I am however learning more about this music because some fans of VLE often bring up different artists in this field.

Scorpio: There were created many one-man projects last times. Why does ithappen? Maybe people become more misanthropic?

~ the Vle ~: I don't know… maybe people just get tired of working with others… saves time and a lot of energy.

Scorpio: We can say, that people got to know you thanks to the Internet, andespecially mp3.com site. What role does Internet play in promotion ofgroup or music project today?

~ the Vle ~: Well, VLE would probably not exist without the internet. I think the Internet is a great way to promote your music. Right now I use my mp3.com page as my home site, but I hope to open an official VLE web site soon. I also have a fan site that was created by the guys behind Infest Zine in Peru, but unfortunately they are no longer updating those pages.

Scorpio: Have you found distributors of your albums in CIS states orsomething else?

~ the Vle ~~ the Vle ~: Yes, you can order my CDs in your region trough Stygian Crypt (Russia). If you have a pay pal account or credit card, VLE CDs can be purchased here: http://www.geocities.com/thevle/paypalorders.htm or send me an email (vle25@hotmail.com) to make other arrangements. You can also order my CDs through Corvus Discos (Chile) and Christcrusher Producitons (UK), Diskery (Canada).

Scorpio: If someone 5 or ten years later will propose you to re-release "The Book Of Illusions" as setbox, all three chapters in one leather box, looking like a book, what will be your decision?

~ the Vle ~: Yes, but I'd rather do it now!! J

Scorpio: How do you like military politics of USA? Are you interested inpolitics?

~ the Vle ~: I don't like some of the decisions they've made and the propaganda lies they continue to spread. Not really, but these days you can't really ignore it, can you?

Scorpio: Final words:

~ the Vle ~: Thanks for all your support and interest in my art. And to all my comrades who are still reading this, I invite you all to explore my Book of Illusions… Play it Loud. Hail and Kill!


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