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Good morning children! Today on our Metal Music History lesson we'll continue to learn thrash metal collectives. Sorry, Bob, you'd better hear, how Varg Vikernes killed Oysten Aarseth, also known as Euronymus? We'll talk about this too, but not today. Sorry, Merry, you'd better read a 100th time about popsed THEATRE OF TRAGEDY than get to know about deep underground band? Well, special for you will say, that THATREs have parted ways with Liv Christine, let she does her new 100% pop project. But group, we will today talking about, did much for metal scene in whole and for thrash metal especially. So, prepare to listen to. Grinder Peter, take away your boogers and muggots, blackers duke Darkhell and count Vintergrimfist put your swords and other features to bags, black and white gouache will wash away on the break. So, taday we will talk about ATOMKRAFT. We will talk with Tony Dolan, founder of band and also man, who played in famous band VENOM. Tony is also known as actor, movie and theatre. Aha, Merry, you are already interested in. So, Tony Dolan...

Scorpio: Hi, Tony! How are you? I've heard it's very hot in England now (questions were sent on 8th of August - auth.).

Tony Dolan: I'm better than ever and yes it's real hot in England at the moment! Unusual for us! I've heard it's pretty hot there too?

Scorpio: Yeah, quite hot too. So, let's remember your group ATOMKRAFT. I think, young readers don't remember this band. So, tell, please, a history of ATOMKRAFT.


Tony Dolan: ATOMKRAFT was began by myself and a guy called Paul Spillett in 1979.We had a Punk band at first, then became a Metal band! We recorded demo's and played shows with guitarist Steve White until 1983.Then I moved back to Canada. I returned to reform the band in 1985 and enlisted Ged Wolf - Drums and Rob Mathew Guitar. We recorded demos and later signed to Neat records. We released 'Future Warriors' our first LP in 1985.More Power Metal than Thrash I guess? we released 'Queen of death' in 1986 and the single 'Your Mentor'. In 1987 we released 'Conductors of Noize' and a live Video from Hammersmith England. We toured Europe and England throughout this time with everyone from, VENOM, EXODUS, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, AGENT STEEL, Played with, TESTAMENT, DESTRUCTION, NASTY SAVAGE, STRYPER, ONSLAUGHT, EXUMER, SLAYER and lots more!!! Our most notable things historically I suppose are that we were the first British Thrash act! Our Total Metal Demo from 1983 became an underground classic! We were the hardest working British thrash act. First British thrash act to play behind the former Iron Curtain! (Poland - auth.)

Scorpio: Why did ATOMKRAFT splited up?

Tony Dolan: When we finished touring in 1988.We had a new album ready to go a new video shot and were out of contract with Neat records. Our singer decided to leave the band at that point for love!!! The bass player at the time as I'd switched to guitar to thicken up our sound live, decided to become even more into drugs and I decided that I'd had enough! Also I received a phone call at that moment about possibly joining Venom as a full time member too!!

Scorpio: What other members are currently doing? Do you meet them time to time?

Tony Dolan: Steve White my original guitarist is running a Theatre in Newcastle as the Master Carpenter, He's also godfather to my daughter! The singer we used on the last release is now working as a butcher.Don't know about the others except Ged Wolf (Drums) He has his own label called “Demolition” and I see him and speak to him a lot! In fact I'm working for him as I'm not only doing bass for the new Mantas album but we're doing a new ATOMKRAFT album also!

Tony DolanScorpio: So can we say, that ATOMKRAFT is on stage again? Who takes part in new album?

Tony Dolan: I have finished recording the new album demos and begin to record the drums for the album in a week or so. Right now I don't want to expose the rest of the band so let's just say a familiar face or two may turn up! We will be playing next year around the festival circuit I believe. If the Mantas project has any rest time!

Scorpio: Next year you will be release anthology of ATOMKRAFT. What will it be?

Tony Dolan: The ATOMKRAFT anthology will consist of ,'Future Warriors'(the first AK album),the, 'Queen of Death', EP. 'Conductors of Noize', mini LP and the very first ATOMKRAFT demos heard in the USA.The first time ATOMKRAFT will have ever been available on CD!

Scorpio: What is the reason, that you still promote ATOMKRAFT, try to reborn it?

Tony Dolan: As I’ve told you, I am currently recording a new ATOMKRAFT album which I hope to release at the begininng of 2004.I loved my band and thought we could have done so much more and so much better if we'd had a better record company! I still think there are fans that have been denied ATOMKRAFT and I want them to hear us!

Scorpio: What do you know about fans of ATOMKRAFT?

Tony Dolan: The ones that loved us are still around and eager for the anthology release. They are dedicated. The other fans I guess are yet to discover us. They will soon! We always had such great fans. Not everyone liked us or made it easy for us but the ones that did were very loyal to us!

Scorpio: And what can you say about years before ATOMKRAFT, your childhood? Your first heard rock record, your favourite bands, school and so on...

Tony Dolan: My childhood was a bit fucked up! My parents split when I was 9yrs old. I had a very difficult relationship with my father. It's not so bad now but could be better I guess! We moved from England to Canada after the split but returned to England near the end of the 1970's. My first Rock record was Kiss alive and Kiss alive 2.My favorite band at school was the california punk outfit called the DICKIES.I was real into punk at the end of the 70's. Then came MOTORHEAD and my life changed forever!

Scorpio: Ged named his record company ‘Demolition’. What connection with your pseudonym?

Tony Dolan: I was dubbed 'Demolition Man' in 1979 by my original guitarist, that's why they call me that! I used to destroy things on stage! Guitars, amps, cabs, etc. Ged called his record company after me and the song I wrote, also called 'Demolition'!

Scorpio: Your years in legendary VENOM. How did you get there? Did you like years in VENOM?

Tony Dolan in age of 10Tony Dolan: I left ATOMKRAFT in 1988 after we toured in Poland. We had shot a video and recorded a new album, “Atomized”, we'd had a very successful tour. Our singer left, when we returned home to England and I lost sight of our cause. I received a call from the Venom camp just about the same time asking if I would be interested to join as Cronos had left for AMERICA. I said I would but only if Mantas would return as I couldn't picture a VENOM without either Cronos or Mantas. Plus Mantas was my friend and we love playing together. He came in on the project and Mantas and myself began to write the “Prime Evil” album. I had already wrote, “Parasite” and “Blackened are the Priests” and “Carniverous” and we completed the rest of the album.

Scorpio: I've read one VENOM interview. So, Cronos said, that album "Prime Evil" (you was in group) is bad record. And he also told not very warm words about you. Why? What do you think about Cronos?

Tony Dolan: Cronos can say what he wants everyone is entitled to his/her opinion right? For every time I've heard someone say my period Venom was bad, I've heard people say my period Venom was great! So who knows! I enjoyed being in Venom. I got to play all those classic Venom songs, so who wouldn't have loved that? If Cronos thought 'Prime Evil' was a bad record he should have another listen to “Calm before the Storm” or “At War With Satan” or “Possessed” or his solo stuff! I personally like all of that material. It's not great material though. The great Venom material was penned by Mantas and very early on, that's why you have “Welcome to Hell” and “Black Metal”. I don't care what Cronos said or say's about me!! I really don't .If he people think I'm a better singer and bass player than him, that shouldn't worry him, he's Cronos and I'm not! As for the, my friend thought the crowd were chanting, "You’re not Cronos", etc. on the live '90 video! Well he's just dreaming! I never had anything but a great relationship with the crowds. They loved what I was doing out there. Sure they knew I wasn't the original front guy with Venom but they didn't give a fuck. They knew that I could more than handle Venom songs! I don't need to or want to slag anyone off! I don't have that kind of time to waste and don't need to waste any energy on anyone who for whatever reason feels less than me! There problem not mine!

Scorpio: What do you think about all these old thrash metal bands "come backs"?

Tony Dolan: Personally I love it! I don't know why they ever went away. There were some great bands and some great stuff and I was sad when it looked all over. Also I think there were the odd act that could still give it to some bands around today! Maybe it's nostalgia for me but I welcome them back to a new crowd base!

Scorpio: What music do you hear now? Which young groups need for attention, you think?

Tony Dolan: Death metal band ADVERSARY from Elkhart IN. USA. everyone should hear these guys and they should be picked up soon!!! I listen to all sorts. Nu Metal, Gothic, Death, Black, Thrash, Rock, there are so many bands out there I think they all should have a break! Long live music!! If a record company wont do it for you then get off your ass and do it yourself. Don't let those fucks dictate what fans are gonna listen too or buy!!

ATOMKRAFT on stageScorpio: How do you think, is it now easier to promote metal band than in times of your youth?

Tony Dolan: There is more acceptance generally now than when we were around originally. People are more accepting than they used to be and I thank METALLICA for that. They made Metal of extrems acceptable to the general public. Enter Sandman's success did a lot for all the genere's too!

Scorpio: What about your participating in Mantas project?

Tony Dolan: I have just recorded bass guitar for the new Mantas album due out in January 2004. Next month we are shooting the first video single from the album. We plan to be in Europe and the US next year playing.

Scorpio: What is its name - MANTAS?

Tony Dolan: MANTAS the man has named his band MANTAS also. I can't tell you about the personnel yet, Mantas doesn't want to disclose until the album is completed. There are in MANTAS a singer, another guitarist and a drummer and then of course me on bass guitar and Mantas on lead guitar. It's kind of a SLIPKNOT meets SEPULTURA kind of thing I guess! It's cool though and we're all dying to get out and play. We'd love to do the Ukraine, so if anyone is interested then tell them to contact me through my site,tonydolan.net and I'll get them in touch with Mantas and myself personally. OK? (Hey, organizers, that’s for you! - auth.)

Scorpio: And what Tony Dolan does now, except music?

Tony Dolan: Another movie, I am in the new Russell Crowe (“Gladiator” - auth.) movie out in November, I play the ships carpenter, Mr. Lamb.

Scorpio: Wow, you're film super star! When will I see you at Oscar awards? :)

Tony Dolan: Well 20th century Fox is hoping that this new movie will snatch a couple of Oscars(I won't be getting nominated!) however I will get there if the film does well! You will see me there then!

Scorpio: OK! I will watch Ceremony on the TV! Wave me with your hand.

Tony Dolan: No problem!

Scorpio: And what’s the title of this movie?

Tony Dolan: “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the Earth”. (Don’t miss on wide screen! - auth)

Tony as carpenter Lamb in 'Master and Commander' movie

Scorpio: Tell me about your previous movies.

Tony Dolan: I was also in “Judge Dredd” with Sylvester Stallone, I played a convict who dies in a crash. They cut my scene a little but I got paid so who cares? Also have done some British T.V., last work - “Sherlock Holmes”, where I play Dr. Watson, and also lots of theatre! From Shakespeare to funny stuff.

Scorpio: How much did you get for “Judge Dredd”, if it's not a secret? :)

Tony Dolan: I can't say how much I got for “Judge Dredd” only because I can't remember but it wasn't bad I do remember that!

Scorpio: Is scene with you in the beginning of film, or somwhere in the middle? I'll try to get it and will show you to my friends and will say 'em "Hey! I know this man! I've made interview with him! :)"

Tony Dolan: The scene is near the beginning of the movie. I'm the shaved headed guy sitting with Stallone and his co-star, Rob Schneider (as you may remember in space ship on the way to Aspen prison)! Watch me die in wide screen! I have also done a low budget independent film in the UK but it's impossible to get!

Scorpio: And what is it about?

Tony Dolan: The low budget movie was about being unemployed and having no hope or money! I play a very violent security guard!

Scorpio: Do you often visit Newcastle Utd. matches?

Tony Dolan: Absolutely not!!! I love Ice Hockey! Something with far more violent contact!!

Tony Dolan and Mantas

Scorpio: What have you heard about Ukraine and Ukrainian football?

Tony Dolan: I know it's good because I do watch the World cup but I don't know anything about your league! Good luck with your chosen sport though!

Scorpio: Thanks a lot! We really need it! (Taken the 3rd place in the group Ukraine will not be on Euro Championship 2004 - auth.) Some other associations with Ukraine?

Tony Dolan: One of my best friends and next door neighbor when I lived as a young boy in Canada was Ukrainian. I don't remember too much but I ate with his family a lot and he had a really hot sister I remember! Ukrainian girls are very nice! I want to hear more Ukrainian Metal too, can anyone recommend any new bands that are cool and are coming up?ATOMKRAFT skull logo

Scorpio: Sure! I will write you in e-mail, OK?

Tony Dolan: OK!

Scorpio: Now I'll say some British bands - you will say few words, what do you think about it.

BEATLES - OK,I love some stuff but I'm not a big fan. I do have most of the album's though. I do think that Lennon was the main guy and not so much Mc Cartney.

DEEP PURPLE - Great stuff.I am a big Gillan Fan! We covered Speed King on the Temples album coz I wanted to do a Purple cover! Hope someone liked my tribute? I'm no Ian Gillan mind!

BLACK SABBATH - Rock, Metal, Godz, They rule, oh yes, for me they rule!!

IRON MAIDEN - I loved the first album, 2nd was OK and I guess “Number of the Beast” wasn't bad, but I should be honest, I hated SAMSON and mainly because of Bruce Dickinsons voice so when he went to Maiden! Well you see why I'm not such a big fan! Also I think when you've heard one Steve Harris bass run, then you've heard them all!! Still at what they do they are Kings and they definately Rock!!

VENOM - Welcome to Hell and Black Metal....Classic. the singles and B-sides great. My stuff with them I loved doing but I think only “Prime Evil” and “Wastelands” were any good! The new VENOM stuff?Dated and poor copies of the scene today! They were great and should have stayed a 'WHERE'!!!


ANATHEMA - Same as above I'm afraid!!!

MY DYING BRIDE - Yeah Ok! Not a massive fan!

ATOMKRAFTScorpio: What groups do you wish also mention?

Tony Dolan: ATOMKRAFT, MANTAS, ADVERSARY and that's fine except that I think St.Anger is fantastic and The new SLAYER DVD is Killer. Oh yes and Long live DESTRUCTION! Go for it Schmier!

Scorpio: Do you really like St. Anger? Don't you think that Lars sold his drum kit just to buy some beer, and so he had to record drums using saucepans and frying pans?

Tony Dolan: Yeah St.Anger! I think that Lars used a shit drum sound compared to the usual polished METALLICA sound. However they weren't trying to create a usual METALLICA album were they! He went for a retro sound and a type of Garage recording, you know the type that most young bands with no money or a proper studio get and independent record companies release or used to and then these bands go on to become huge and make polished expensive albums and the fans then say they aren't as good as they were. The early stuff is so much better! Don't you agree?

Scorpio: And at the end traditionally - last words by you!

Tony Dolan: Always stay true to yourself! If others don't feel like you do move on, no one needs to stop breathing, that's just giving up. Fuck the system by using it to accomplish what you desire! Music is for us all and if you have it inside it will find it's way out! If I can help anyone then please contact me through my site and I'll see what I can do! Even if it's just ideas or advice on what not to do, I've always got an ear and time for you! Stay cool and may Metal in whatever form live with us forever!!! All the best of luck to you all.
Tony 'Demolition' Dolan

Scorpio: Thanks for answers! It was very interesting to make interview with you!

Tony Dolan: Thanx to you and all the Portal loyal fans! See you out there!


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