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Danish quintet HATESPHERE springs from the breed that prefers guts on the floor to birds and flowers, and malicious thrash killers to puny power dragons. Having got the modern trash society with their 'Bloodred Hatred', Danes focused on making a sequel to their murderous successor. And the new piece of death-thrash choreography - 'Ballet Of The Brute' - is knocking on the door. A good reason to hold a blitzkrieg conversation with Jacob, roaring one fifth of the band…

F.: What does a title of a new album mean?

Jacob: It pretty much describes the whole album because 'brute' is another word for 'brutal'. All the new songs are pretty brutal. It's just a name for the music we're doing on this album.

F.: What things do you sing this time?

J.: Quite the same as on the other albums. There are small horror stories about not very nice things - nightmares, murderers, hate & violence, death, blood. They're pretty much negative songs. They carry no meaning it's just like a scary movie. You can put the CD on and hear it instead…

F.: Maybe you have to come to Moscow and set up 'ballet of the brute' on the stage of Bolshoy Theater?.. With thrash disharmonic orchestra and ballerinas with chainsaws & stuff like that?

J.: (laughs) It would be funny & cool experience! Maybe when we will be making our own DVD, hehe…


F.: As a vocalist you must have been writing the most of lyrics…

J.: No. I've written some of the lyrics but not the most of them. Our new drummer actually wrote three lyrics, our guitar player and me wrote something together and I have a couple of friends who were writing some lyrics for me. I'm not like a big lyric-writer. I'm more in making the music with other guys and participate in production and arranging live shows.

F.: Then you must be a fan of horror thrash movies?

J.: No. Some of them a little but not really. It's just lyrics that fit to our music.

F.: I have noticed that people who do such malicious songs are mostly quite and peaceful in real life…

J.: I'm not sure of quite and peaceful (chuckles) but we are nice guys. We are normal guys who have job and education and live a normal life but we all love metal music. And when write music we are not normal people (chuckles). And when we are on stage we are not normal people. But as the most bands in the world in our daily life we are pretty normal. As I think. But maybe if you ask my friends they would say something else, hehe…

F.: When it comes to HATESPHERE I've just heard your debut self-titled album. Could you match the main differences between your last work and the first one?

J.: Oh, we've become better song-writers I think. We work quicker and better today. It's more brutal and heavy and fast, it's more everything!!!

F.: Could you name the best thrash album released last years?

J.: Oh. Maybe EXODUS' last album. Also the first THE HAUNTED' album was a killer. There were many good releases but not so many good as I wanted…

F.: Imagine a thrash metal scale where the lowest point is METALLICA's 'St. Anger' and the top point is the last EXODUS album. Could you objectively say where is your new album situated?..

J.: It's way higher than EXODUS!!! But it's only mine opinion. I think that our new album is a real killer. It has got many elements of the different styles. EXODUS are really good but they play one thing. We got other aspects like death metal influences, lots of thrash of course, some groovy and hard elements. We're mixing traditional thrash thing with the modern ones.

F.: Like THE HAUNTED, that you mentioned?..

J.: Well, like THE HAUNTED but not like THE HAUNTED. I don't like to be compared to them. I like this band but we play music totally other way than they do.

Jacob on stageF.: Is the modern thrash metal as rebellious as it was in its beginning?

J.: Not that rebellious anymore I think. In the old days it was really something new and people were like 'Wow! What is this? 'Tis fucked up!' Nowadays the metal music is twisted in so many ways - grindcore, death metal, industrial, blah-blah-blah whatever. So it's not like thrash metal is something shocking, rebellious, and vile. Maybe it is vile when you're creating music but people are more tolerant these days. People are used to see and hear other things than 10 or 15 years ago.

F.: You are signed with Scarlet Records who mostly fond of power metal bands. Just imagine that you have to make the power metal band. What name would you choose for your band?

J.: (laughs) I will never start a power metal band!!! But if I do it would have to be something funny like CURLY HAIR or THE SHITTY BEATLES!!!

F.: Maybe you contact with Danish band INVOCATOR?

J.: Yeah! They're really cool band and actually good friends of us.

F.: So maybe you know that guys from INVOCATOR participated on the album of Russian angry metallers HOSTILE BREED?..

J.: Yeah! They say it was cool, hehe!!!

F.: Do they?.. OK. And do you know any other Russian bands?

J.: Not really. Only GORKY PARK!!! But it's not really metal… But I want to!!! I want to come to Russia and play with your bands!!! Sure if it is possible…

F.: If there would be a courtesy of CD-Maximum, why not? Tell me in what age have you started to try thrash screaming?

J.: I think I was 15 or something.

F.: And what did your parents say on that?

J.: (laughs) Oh, they hated me for it. They were saying 'why can't you just play the piano and sing nice songs about love and so on'. But I never wanted to play songs about love. I always wanted to sing about DEATH and DESTRUCTION because it is COOOLLLL!!!!!

JacobF.: I remember old interviews with MERCYFUL FATE where they were saying that metal thing will never start developing in Denmark. Have there any radical changes happened since then?

J.: These days there are lots of good bands! These bands like MNEMIC who signed to Nuclear Blast. It's RAUNCHY who signed to Nuclear Blast too. There are all kinds of new school of metal experimenting with all kind of metal. We have old bands like ILLDISPOSED and stuff like that. Actually the scene has never been better in Denmark.

F.: And besides music have you any interests yourself?

J.: Oh besides music? I like to sleep (laughs)… Actually I like to have a good time and enjoy myself. I'm also working in the studio and producing other bands but it's music again… I'm primarily occupied with music in my life. I spend all time on HATESPHERE. Besides all I am the manager of the band and I'm taking care of everything. So it takes a lot of my time.

F.: Any funny tour stories?

J.: I think that the story is funny if you were there. There has been a lot of episode when we were drunk totally fucked up, having sex in a bathroom with a girl (laughs)…

F.: What kind of people would you recommend NOT to listen to your music?

J.: No way! I would recommend everybody to listen to our music because it is healthy to listen to HATESPHERE, hehe…

F.: Imagine that you stand in the city that is unfamiliar to you. You have only one dollar in your pocket. What would you do?

J.: I would buy ice cool beer, I think…

F.: Great! Let's imagine the opposite situation - you have one billion dollars. What would you do with such money?

J.: Huh, I would tell SLAYER, hey guys I have a lot of money and I want to pay to go on tour with you!!!

F.: The most terrible thing you beheld in your life…

J.: Oh, I have no such experience but once I have lost my voice while we were playing the show. And it was pretty terrible…


F.: You are living in Denmark. Hence, you must know Hans Christian Andersen. Maybe it's worthy to do a concept album based on his fairy-tales rearranged in a more brutal way?

J.: (lazy, gummy voice) Noooooo!.. Maybe someday when I get older. I've got a big book with some of his stuff. I haven't read it but I've got it, hehe…

F.: What would you say to your fans in Russia?

J.: If we have any fans there (laughs) then thank you for supporting HATESPHERE and check up our new album! See ya on da road!!!...

F.: Shortbrutalending!!! So be it!!!


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